John Dewey Is a Fraud

It is generally agreed that John Dewey (1859-1952) is the Father of American Education and the Greatest American Educator Ever. The problem with the labels is that John Dewey, albeit a genius, was not an educator in the sense that most people use this word.  He was not interested in teaching as most people understand that term, as for example in the statement "I teach French."  Dewey was not primarily concerned with teaching new information.  He was concerned with inculcating new attitudes. John Dewey was a social engineer -- one might even say a community organizer.  He believed that socialism is the future.  His self-appointed mission was to implement the transition to this brave new world. All of his grand theories, his scores of books, and his hundreds of articles can be summed up as a program for making America socialist. There is one little problem at this point: almost nobody in America was asking for this transformation.  So Dewey was in the...(Read Full Article)