What Color Is Obama's Parachute?

Scott Walker's win means that Barack Obama's White House tenure may well be coming to an end.  What will the ex-president do once he can no longer blow smoke in the federal facility at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? If Obama goes quietly after losing in November, he can pursue a number of lucrative careers and enjoy paying taxes according to his beloved Buffett Rule.  If, on the other hand, he indicates displeasure with the outcome by encouraging riots and similar disturbances, or does nothing to prevent or mitigate them, all bets are off.  Worst of all, should Obama precipitate a constitutional crisis by refusing to accept defeat and imposing martial law, he can expect a stern rebuke from all branches of government regardless of party affiliation, and even arrest and indictment.  Extradition to the country he once claimed as his birthplace -- you know the one -- is also possible. The second and third scenarios are highly unlikely, though I'm sure there are folks out...(Read Full Article)