Anti-Jewish attacks in France reach epidemic proportions

Last Saturday, 10 men wielding iron rods and hammers attacked three young Jews wearing skullcaps in a town near Lyon, sending two of the victims to the hospital, one with head injuries and the other with neck wounds.  The attackers are said to be a gang of North African Muslims, who punctuated their vicious assaults with cries of "dirty Jews." Last March 19, a Muslim radical, Mohammed Merah, killed three children and a rabbi at a Jewish school in Toulouse. Bad as these brutal attacks against Jews are, they are but the tip of what has become an all-too evident pattern of ever more frequent attacks against Jews in France.  And not too put too fine a point on them, many of these attacks are perpetrated by Muslim hoodlums. According to a report issued Monday by the French Jewish community protection service, the March massacre in Toulouse "triggered an explosion" of anti-Semitic attacks.  In the 10 days following  the deadly massacre, there were no fewer than 90...(Read Full Article)