Note to GOP Candidates: It's ObamaCare, Stupid!

Back in the day when monarchs ruled with an iron fist, royal councilors who proffered calamitous advice paid dearly for their lapse in judgment, sometimes with their heads.  Things have changed considerably since then.  Winston Churchill, for example, was first lord of the admiralty at the start of WWI; after the Gallipoli debacle in 1915, he lost only his job in the war cabinet.  Fortunately for us, he lived to fight another day, even after front line action with the Royal Scots Fusiliers. So it will be interesting to see what fate awaits HHS Secretary Sebelius and White House adviser Jarrett for prevailing upon President Obama to dictate a policy on contraceptives to the Catholic Church -- how's that for chutzpah? -- that landed their boss in hot water with a traditional and influential Democratic Party ally.  Maybe we will see the ladies "volunteer" in the days ahead to do penance as community organizers somewhere in Chicagoland, if Mayor Rahmbo will let them...(Read Full Article)