Santorum's New Hampshire Fumble

A few years after grad school, I interviewed for a job in the philosophy department of a major university.  They flew me out in the middle of February from the gloomy and bitter cold of New England to a sunny and warm campus of palm trees swaying in the breeze.  I gave a talk on Plato; though I said controversial things, nobody seemed to mind.  We went to dinner afterward, and I left feeling confident I'd get the job.  Imagine my surprise when the department chairman called to tell me, sorry, Arnold, we decided to hire the affirmative action candidate.  Yes, that's how he put it!  An admission like that today might have landed the university in a lawsuit -- maybe then, too.  I just hung up in disgust. This brings me to the debate at St. Anselm College last Sunday, where Rick Santorum jumped on Mitt Romney over his use of the term "middle class": There are no classes in America.  We are a country that don't [sic] allow for titles.  We don't...(Read Full Article)