Scintillating Chutzpah: Obama at Reform Judaism's Confab

President Obama Friday went before the General Assembly for Reform Judaism's bienneal conference -- probably the biggest annual meeting of American Jews in the nation's capital -- to pledge his undying support of Israel.  Speaking (text) to a liberal audience, he dwelled in great detail on Jewish support for his agenda and for progressive causes dating back to FDR  -- from Social Security to the Civil Rights Act to  the Voting Rights Act and to Obama's own domestic priorities. But he really pumped up his oratory when he pledged that his commitment to Israel is "unshakable."  And then repeated for good measure, "It is unshakable." Reprising familiar pro-Israel themes that he outlined in his earlier address to the U.N. General Assembly, Obama declared:  "No nation can tolerate terror.  No nation can accept rockets targeting innocent men, women and children.  No nation can yield to suicide bombers." With Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak in the...(Read Full Article)