Washington Post Enlists Holocaust Against Israel

In an earlier incarnation, Scott Wilson worked for several years as the Washington Post's Jerusalem correspondent.  So you would think that he learned something about the ancient historical, political, national, and cultural ties of Jews to the Holy Land.  But you would be wrong.In the Post's May 28 edition, Wilson, currently the paper's White House correspondent, writes as follows in the lead paragraph of his article about the arrival of President Obama in Poland:WARSAW--Within hours of arriving Friday in this once-occupied capital, President Obama encountered the enduring emotion surrounding the state of Israel, founded as a sanctuary from the virulent anti-Semitism  that wiped out much of Poland's Jewish population during World War II.  ("Obama visits monument to Warsaw Ghetto uprising" page A10).In one stroke of the pen, Wilson thus wipes out 4,000 years of Jewish national and territorial attachments to this land.  According to...(Read Full Article)