Tucker Carlson goes to Moscow -- and the left has a cow

Tucker Carlson is a longtime opinion journalist, and journalists go places and talk to people to see for themselves all sides of an issue.

But somehow, that escapes the neocon and swamp left, which has been having an absolute cow since Carlson departed for Moscow to talk with Russia's president, Vladimir Putin:

What kind of lunacy is this? All he wants to do is talk to the guy, ask questions, and find out how Putin thinks. It's a reasonable endeavor, given the blackouts of news coverage from Russia, the shutoff of travel, the shutdown of most diplomatic relations, and the double blackout of very few people knowing the Russian language to start with here in the states. Russia is so isolated and such an interesting story that anyone who can go there and get any kind of perspective ought to be praised for doing so. Yes, it's dangerous; Carlson could get arrested as that poor Wall Street Journal correspondent was. But someone needs to try.

That so many of these swamp parties, all of which have an interest in big, bigger, biggest aid packages for Ukraine and all their consultant contracts, want to shut off free journalistic inquiry is nothing short of outrageous.

The Biden White House even sicced the National Security Council onto Carlson the first time he tried to interview Putin, invading his emails and text messages and leaking them to the press. It was a disgusting abuse of power.

For the record, Putin is a normal guy. We have known him for years, he has never been a problem to us, and there were so many things we could have worked with him on and didn't. He's not the Minotaur. He's not nine feet tall. The swampies put such a mythical status on him when, in fact, he's probably someone we should have been talking to years ago because we certainly could have done business with him. Pull him westward so he won't have to move eastward; it's such a simple thing to try for. But the Soros-y bunch and the Russia-haters have always had the upper hand. Then Ukraine happened, and all hell broke loose.

Is it really the catastrophe the swampies claim if Carlson just goes to Moscow to talk to Putin? I think we know the answer to that one.

One voice of reason comes from an unexpected source, non-swamp outsider presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who has defended Tucker's visit:

As for the rest, what are they so scared of? That the truth will get out?

Image: Twitter screen shot

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