Denver Mayor Mike Johnston, the illegals' friend

Mayor Mike Johnston (D) of Denver has revealed the thinking of Democrats and leftists on immigration

The picture is as disorienting as a Salvador Dali painting.  

Mayor Johnston realizes only one aspect of immigration policy. He seems unable to see the others. For example, he seems happy to be mayor of a sanctuary city and to welcome illegal immigrants warmly, but he doesn’t seem to grasp that his problems stem from those policies.

One has to wonder if the mayor is really as clueless as he seems or if he is just propagandizing for his party and the socialist Left.

During January 2024 Mayor Johnston went with a Colorado delegation of Democrat politicians to Washington D.C. to lobby Congress: “Denver, like many cities in America, is a vibrant, thriving city full of generous folks who want to see everyone succeed,” Johnston said. “We are also a city right now that is facing a humanitarian crisis and a fiscal crisis unlike anything we’ve seen in the last 25 years.

“And that is the result of what we know is the ongoing influx of migrant arrivals who are seeking asylum in America and the system that is not adequately helping them to succeed.”

Johnston uses the euphemism ‘migrant’ instead of saying ‘illegal immigrants.’ Also, the mayor asserts that all the arrivals are seeking asylum. That is not true; in fact, while most may say they are seeking asylum, the majority are not.

Notably left out of the delegation’s itinerary in D.C. was a visit to President Biden to ask him to close the border right away to stem the tide that’s swamping Denver.

In an interview with Fox News Reporter Laurence Jones, Johnston was asked, “At what point does your city reach its breaking point?”

Johnston:  “Yeah, I think our city is very close to its breaking point now, and we’ve been talking to leaders in D.C. and around the country about how we can take action here. I think we have successfully welcomed almost forty thousand migrants in the last year, and we know what it takes to do this successfully. We just need that help, and the things we need are... federal dollars, but the most important thing is we need  work authorizations for folks when they arrive and we need those resources at the border so that you can add more security at the border and so you can help process those asylum claims, so the folks who do arrive here can work. The challenge we have is you have someone that will arrive in Denver who has been admitted on an asylum claim but their court date for their asylum case is six years away, and they’re in Denver for six years without the ability to work and support themselves, and that means we have to support them, and that’s not what they want to do or what we want them to do.”

Laurence Jones says that he has never seen the usually warm and friendly Denver residents so enraged, and not because they’re anti-immigrant, but because of how city government is prioritizing illegal immigrants over citizens. Johnston turns the talk back to federal dollars.

Jones also asked about the city having to push illegal immigrants out of shelters and who is responsible for this. Johnston answers that they have a length-of-stay policy and brings up the Democrat talking points: the border has been broken for 40 years, both parties are at fault.

Finally, it seems that Johnston does not have in his field of view the actual humanitarian crisis that Joe Biden caused. On the journey, women and children are sexually assaulted and traumatized; about one thousand people have died on the way. Mexican cartels traffic fentanyl into the U.S., which has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, and traffic innocent women and children for sex and labor slaves in our country.

Johnston doesn’t mention these terrible things. Does he know?

Mayor Johnston has shown that Democrats’ thinking is way lopsided on immigration. He has told us how they really see things.

C.S. Boddie writes for Meadowlark Press, LLC.

Image: CBdenver

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