Get out of Denver, baby, go, go

My guess is that Bob Seger did not have migrants in mind when he recorded "Get Out Of Denver" but don't be surprised if the local Democrats make it their new song.
According to news reports, Denver is overwhelmed:
Colorado’s capital has joined the evergrowing list of cities that have become overwhelmed by the influx of migrants — with over 38,000 asylum seekers arriving in Denver in the past year.
The Mile-High City has struggled to accommodate the new arrivals who have inundated city shelters and hospitals, prompting state officials to enact a limit on how long migrants can stay in state-funded rooms starting Feb. 5.
The city initially paused the discharge of migrant families from shelters on Nov. 17 to assist the increasing number of new arrivals.
However, after seeing a dramatic uptick, the city is now housing 4,500 migrants and will resume discharging migrant families.
Denver’s Deputy Director of Communications Jose Salas told The Post the city will extend “its previous length-of-stay policy for families from 37 days to 42 days.”
What do you know?  Another "sanctuary city" wants to get off the list and forget about all of those promises of being inclusive and diverse.
What's driving all of the second thoughts?  It’s economics, i.e., dollars and cents.   In other words, it costs money to run migrant centers, hire bilingual teachers, staff jails, offer temporary services, and let's not forget medical care.   
I guess that was not contemplated when they told the world that they were sanctuary cities.   
The aforementioned story indicates that Denver will spend $180 million from its annual budget to accommodate the added population.   That's a lot of money no matter what language you are speaking.
What's the next sanctuary city looking to get off the list?   We'll check the news later.
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