At what point do we say we’ve lost our country?

Imagine for a moment what the past few years would have been like if the nation’s socialist “Democratic” party and its media propaganda arm had absolutely no limitations on their power.  What would it be like if we just had one-party rule and the GOP was only an afterthought? 

The problem is that you won’t have to imagine anything if President Trump and the pro-freedom right don’t prevail in November, and even then, it might just be a short respite from the Democrat party’s deliberate destruction of the country as founded. 

As much as most people would like to deny this reality, we are rapidly reaching a point where things could be very bad

So we have a situation where a state governor defies the federal government in its efforts to bring in millions of potential illegal Democrat voters, and he’s backed up by several other states...resulting in a civil war.  That was the plot of a movie — a dark comedy — from 1997 entitled The Second Civil War, and it should seem eerily similar to current events.  Sometimes you feel like the female news anchor in the movie, who berated her male counterpart in reporting other events after the shooting broke out in that “there is no other news” (language warning).  If the situation deteriorates even more, it won’t matter what else is happening, because we will inevitably have just two very bad choices.

But first let’s consider two stark realities of what the authoritarian left has done to the country.

Do we still have a country when it effectively has no borders?

Let’s be blunt about it: the authoritarian far left has effectively erased our southern border.  John Lovell of the Warrior Poet Society broached the subject a few days ago of whether we are a nation any longer without any borders.  Illegal invaders are being moved around to impact every corner of the country, not just the border states.

But it’s worse than that.  The “Democrat” party is doing everything it can to encourage the illegal invasion with incentives paid for by our tax dollars.  Democrats are providing free health careprepaid credit cards, and presumably free college to the invader Democrats.

So hasn’t the far left effectively erased the country by erasing the border?  Leftists have lied for years about the border, so should we listen to them ever again?

Do we still have a country when it’s being divided by the fascist far left?

This is a far more subtle but just as dangerous aspect of what the far left is doing these days.  Everywhere you look, they are working to divide the country, from assaulting every amendment of the Bill of Rights to using lawfare in elections instead of trying to win in the marketplace of ideas — not to mention a two-tiered justice system that persecutes political opponents and rewards criminals.

They are dividing the people to make us easier to control, but it’s essentially ripping the country apart, toward an unintended consequence on their part.

Therefore, the case can be made that it’s the nation’s socialist Democrat party and its media propaganda arm that have brought us to this point, no matter how much they lie and point fingers.

So what are the long-term implications of what they have done, and what are our choices in the matter?

The horrifying reality of what is happening was aptly laid out in a piece in The Federalist: “Without Mass Deportations, America’s Demographics Shift Will Result In Radical Politics.”

Going forward, even if we somehow prevent 100 percent of future illegal immigration, it only buys us time — and not much. Democrats know this, of course. It’s the reason they continue to accept short-term backlash from our open border in exchange for a long-term payoff. By pointing out that illegal aliens cannot vote, the left claims that this whole thing is a “racist conspiracy theory.”

This disingenuous tactic ignores three things: 1) Democrats have routinely tried to pass some type of amnesty that would eventually allow illegal aliens to vote, 2) Children of illegal aliens born in the U.S. can legally vote when they turn 18, and 3) In 2020, Joe Biden carried Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona by a total of about 45,000 votes, meaning a presidential election could be decided by only 0.15 percent of the illegal alien population voting in the right states.

The author makes the point that the last item in that list of three is a mathematical certainty, so even if the “Democrats” don’t pass amnesty or have the illegal invaders vote, they just need to wait to gain perpetual power and one-party rule.

Just imagine the authoritarian leftists unencumbered by the need to win elections.  We’ve often stated that socialism is defined as “buying votes with other people’s money, taken at gunpoint,” and they are already putting the first part into practice.

What’s to stop them from doing more of that?

The people getting the freebies will greatly outnumber those who have to foot the bill — in the middle class.  What’s to stop them from wanting to bring in more illegal “Democrats”?  The blunt truth is that they are doing this only to ensure perpetual power for themselves — until they run out of other people’s money.  Then the fun really begins. 

So the only choice will have to be, as Sky News host James Morrow has proposed, “DEI: Deport Every Illegal.”

Barring that, we’ve passed all the easy exits, and we’re down to what happens every time collectivism is tried — communism, fascism, Leninism, Maoism, socialism, statism, or whatever you want to call your particular form of societal poison.       

That would be the unimaginably horrible option, and by now you should be able to guess what it is.

D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, the director of communications for a civil rights organization, and a long-time contributor to conservative websites.  Find him on Substack.

Image: Don Hankins via Flickr, CC BY 2.0 (cropped).

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