Next up from Team Biden: Free college for illegals?

For all his talk about wanting to get the border crisis under control, Joe Biden is still holding out fresh goody bags for the illegals.

Sure, California is offering them free health care and New York is offering them free $1,000 debit cards handed out on the honor system that they'll only be used for food and baby supplies.

But what better than for Joe Biden to top them by offering free college to illegals, too?

That's what this looks like, with this measure preparing the groundwork for it:

According to the New York Sun:

The Department of Education could soon extend taxpayer-funded federal college-prep programs to illegal immigrants, a move that would upend longstanding policy on educational grants as record numbers of migrants cross the Southern Border. 

The department’s Office of Postsecondary Education is considering including immigrant students in its so-called TRIO programs, which provide postsecondary educational services to low income, first generation, or disabled students at a cost of $1.2 billion a year. The issue will be raised during a subcommittee meeting on Friday, following a proposal last month that TRIO expand its eligibility to include undocumented students. 

This change would go against a 1986 federal statute that has prevented illegal immigrants from receiving benefits from TRIO as well as other federal grants, loans, or work assistance. TRIO, named after its first three programs — Upward Bound, Talent Search, and Student Support Services — boasts eight programs that help more than 800,000 low-income students annually with getting into college and staying in college.

So it's not exactly free college yet, but what is the purpose of handing out college prep benefits to the illegally present in this country other than to get these illegals eventually into American colleges?

While federal aid for now is now a nonstarter, the Sun notes that many states already give illegals tuition-free state education.

It's astonishing, really. Most illegals already qualify for free college education in their educationally socialized home countries. Now they're likely to get free college here, too. Amazing what a privileged class this is, and in multiple countries.

Here the border crisis is Joe Biden's most critical issue, tanking his support in the polls, to around 39% approval rating these days, and the border bill hashed out in the Senate has gone down in flames. Yet here the Biden administration is, offering freebies to illegals that aren't available to all Americans and incentiving illegal border crossings further.

All we can conclude from this is that Biden isn't sincere about controlling the border from millions of unvetted foreigners, comfortable about breaking U.S. law as their first act inside the U.S. He wants more of it. He just thinks nobody is going to notice.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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