Step away from the nonsensical ‘climate change’ fear porn

The actual existential threat to our survival as a great, prosperous, and free country are tyrants who seek to control all aspects of our lives by pretending they can control the climate, so let’s all just step away from the nonsensical “climate change” fear porn and take a look at the facts.

Per the official narrative, the earth has had a supposed nine-inch rise in sea levels over the last 140 years— but the average ocean depth is 12,000 feet, so how can they possibly attribute that almost undetectable rise (if it’s even accurate) to humans and our use of natural resources?

Then we are told that computer models predict another possible rise, up to another 48 inches over the next 300 years, and that is supposed to scare us into capitulation—breaking it down, that is one foot every 75 years, or one inch every 6 years.

And somehow, politicians, bureaucrats, scientists, and others could stop that inch rise, if we just give up our way of life and gas cars.

How can anybody actually think that anyone else, let alone government officials who can’t do anything competently, could control the climate with all its natural variables? If you do, you probably also believe that Joe Biden had no knowledge of, participation in, or financial benefit from all the kickbacks that have gone to Biden family members over years.

This article, published at The Daily Signal last week, points out that the Netherlands thrives, despite being below sea level—in some places up to 22 feet— because the inhabitants simply “adjust” to the change.

The author, John Stossel, includes a number of observations and talking points from Bjorn Lomborg, a high-profile Danish figure, known primarily for his internationally-renowned book, The Skeptical Environmentalist—Lomborg formerly served as a director for the government’s “Environmental Assessment Institute” and is the president of a public policy think tank.

Among the revelations from Lomborg are that the cost of protection against a sea level rise is much lower than the radical policies proposed by the global bureaucrats and politicians to prevent it—which number into the trillions of dollars—with Lomborg noting that the Netherlands spent around $10 billion over 50 years for successful mitigation.

Stossel highlights Lomborg’s assertion that many more people die from cold temperatures than warm temperatures, and that the warming and the greening of the planet have great benefits. Below are several excerpts from the piece:

‘The problem here is unmitigated scaremongering,” he [Lomborg] replies. ‘A new survey shows that 60% of all people in rich countries now believe it’s likely or very likely that unmitigated climate change will lead to the end of mankind. This is what you get when you have constant fearmongering in the media.’

He acknowledges that climate warming will kill people.

‘As temperatures go up, we’re likely to see more people die from heat. That’s absolutely true. You hear this all the time. But what is underreported is the fact that nine times as many people die from cold. … As temperatures go up, you’re going to see fewer people die from cold. Over the last 20 years, because of temperature rises, we have seen about 116,000 more people die from heat. But 283,000 fewer people die from cold.’

He points out that we rarely hear about positive effects of climate change, like global greening.

‘That’s good! We get more green stuff on the planet. My argument is not that climate change is great or overall positive. It’s simply that, just like every other thing, it has pluses and minuses. … Only reporting on the minuses, and only emphasizing worst-case outcomes, is not a good way to inform people.’

It is all a massive fraud. The dire predictions have never been true. The purpose of the scam is to transfer massive amounts of power, freedom, and money away from the people and to the government. 

I will vote for the “dictator for one day” who wants to close the border and drill, drill, drill, instead of the people who dictatorially act every day to take away our freedom of choice. They don’t care how much harm they cause the poor and middle classes, and small businesses. They only pretend to care.

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