Hunter Biden’s scalp will not spend one day in jail

Because Trump may again be POTUS, Hunter Biden gets to skate on the nine tax charges, some felonies. He will see no punishment because the indictment against him is only meant to distract from the accusations that we have a two-tier justice system—one for Republicans and one for Democrats. Hunter will skate because he is the son of the man in the Oval Office, and because he is a Democrat… and for the most part Democrats don’t serve time.  Joe will pardon him, but before that happens, stalling tactics will keep him out of prison for any significant length of time. He may serve a token few days or weeks but nothing like what they want to do to Trump, who will get life in prison or execution for “incitement” and “insurrection” if Democrats get their way, even though he is manifestly innocent. Trump cannot be allowed to get back into the White House, so Hunter must divert attention away from Justice; “See? Hunter got indicted. The Justice system worked.” Well, no. People are not stupid; they see what is being done.

If judged by the success of Trump’s policies, the best president Americans have ever had will suffer because of the worst one we have ever had.

Joe Biden has consistently prevaricated about his and Hunter’s foreign business dealings with China and other non-friendlies, and neither has paid a price. Joe is likely lying in public about never speaking to Hunter about his business endeavors. Just yesterday in a press conference Joe called the charges against him “all lies.” And in their ludicrous naivete the media believe him.

The Biden family is as corrupt as the Clinton family and both have left paper trails and live witnesses to prove it, but the corrupt FBI and DOJ have a vested interest in keeping these Democrats out of jail to be voted into office or appointed to the (In)Justice Department in order to effect Marxist policies. Comey famously said, “No serious prosecutor” would bring charges against Hillary Clinton. Of course not. She’s a Democrat, among other things, and Comey is a Democrat shill, among other things.


Hunter won’t serve a day in jail because the justice system is rigged for silent running against Republicans, much like the election system. The proof is there for clear eyes to see—Hunter and Joe and Hillary are corrupt—despite the attempts to cloud our vision, imposed upon us in the smoke being blown from our alleged Justice apparatus. Justice gets acute blindness when a Democrat commits crimes, but sees crystal clear when a Republican gets even false charges against him.

We will not fix this because Republicans will not cohere in their efforts to rehabilitate the confidence Americans had in our system of justice. The only reason Hunter got indicted was to sacrifice his scalp in order to allay the myriad cries of DOJ corruption emanating from the populace, whose eyes are not clouded.

We see what is going on and our outrage is matched only by our cynicism. We have lost faith in the American notion of justice, which is now malignantly skewed to favor Democrats. Even when a Democrat is convicted, they don’t get punished. But let one lone Republican step amiss and the walls come tumbling down. Trump committed no crimes, there are no proven victims; yet he is being persecuted as though he were a Jewish student or a Jewish restaurant owner.

We were warned too many times that our Republic would crumble like Ozymandias’ visage if we forgot the eternal verities enshrined in our Constitution. We did and it will, unless this tide of justice-less favoritism is not reversed. No entity can survive internal rot before the outer structure crumbles to dust.

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