White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre refuses to condemn pro-Hamas poster-rippers

Which side in the Israel-Hamas war is the White House actually on?

Here's a miserable White House-media exchange about the White House stance on pro-Hamas poster-rippers, and no, the correspondent wasn't Peter Doocy.

According to the Daily Caller:

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to condemn pro-Palestine activists who have been tearing down posters of Israeli hostages hanging in cities across the country.

Following Hamas’ Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel, pro-Palestine activists have torn down posters, once hung by Jewish Americans, with pictures and information on hostages and kidnapped Israelis. Some activists have called the posters “disgusting” and “bait.” NBC Chief White House correspondent Peter Alexander asked Jean-Pierre if the White House’s view is that such actions should be condemned or if the administration considered it a form of peaceful protest.

“Look, I — I’ve sorta, kinda seen the reporting here and there. I think it was from last week,” Jean-Pierre responded before Alexander added there were “30 million videos” that have gone around of such incidents.

“I’m just not going to go into specifics on that particular thing. What I can say is there are real, violent protests and threats that are happening right now, and senior administration officials are aware of these reports which are deeply concerning. That is something we are focused on,” Jean-Pierre said during the Tuesday press briefing.

The correspondent, NBC chief White House correspondent Peter Alexander threw softball after softball, guiding her in a friendly way to just say the poster-ripping was wrong, but Jean-Pierre deflected like that every time, her talking points quite hardened and in place.

How's this for a softball?

“To be clear, it’s deeply concerning that people would be pulling these things down?” Alexander followed up.

“As it relates to a lot of reporting out there about violent protests and threats and so I can speak to that. I can speak to how the FBI is tracking an increased volume. I can speak to the frequency of threats that we are seeing to the Jewish community, to the Arab American community, to the Muslim communities in the United States since Oct. 7.”

She would not budge, and decided that now was the time to bring up anti-Muslim violence on the day after a Jewish-American demonstrator named Paul Kessler was literally killed in Los Angeles by an enraged Palestinian, and as if violence against Muslims were as widespread or pressing as the organized propaganda campaign to rip down posters and shift American sentiment against Israel in its just war to erase Hamas terrorists from the face of the Earth.

The crazed poster-rippers who would tear down images of kidnapped Israeli children, whom Hamas is holding hostage, is a vile effort to erase these victims from memory -- and allowing Hamas to get away with it. It's a no-brainer to condemn them. It's also colossally disgusting and some people have actually been fired from their jobs for doing this. They should be able to get them back now, what with Joe Biden's White House placing its implicit stamp of approval onto that activity, and carry on with their anti-Semitic activities.

And speaking of Doocy, note also that Jean-Pierre also refused to condemn anti-Israel demonstrations about a week ago, as if siding with the terrorists, when he asked about a week ago. There is a pattern.

It's an amazing dereliction of duty from the soft, rotten heart of the White House, and a clear sign that Joe is playing both sides of the fence, what with so many anti-Semites in the ranks of his fellow Democrats. A recent poll from TIPP found that one out of five Democrats nakedly supports Hamas, no apologies whatsoever.

According to Terry Jones at Issues & Insights:

Amid the backdrop of the Oct. 7 attacks against Israel by the terrorist group Hamas, I&I/TIPP asked Americans this question: “Generally speaking, in the Israel-Hamas conflict, do you side more with Israel or Hamas?” The national online poll of 1,400 adults was taken from Nov. 1-3, with a margin-of-error of +/-2.7 percentage points.

Of those responding, 58% sided with Israel, while just 11% supported Hamas, which governs the Gaza Strip on Israel’s southern border. But there was a big unknown, given the polarizing effect the attack by Hamas (which killed 1,400 mostly civilian noncombatants, including women, children, and babies) had on public opinion: 31% “weren’t sure.”

Those are the voters the White House is looking for, the Hamas fanboys and fangirls, working like ants to erase memory of Hamas atrocities from the American consciousness, and make Israel into the bad guy for going after the bad guys in the public's mind.

It's as twisted and vile in its logic as Karine Jean-Pierre's refusal to condemn the poster-ripper propagandists for the Hamas terror regime.

It's sorry stuff, and a black mark on the White House, which, unlike Israel, is going soggy and deflated in its support for our Israeli ally like a rotten souffle.

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