Where have all the cops gone?

What happens when the political class makes villains out of policemen and victims out of criminals?   
The policemen move on such as in "quitting" their jobs. 
This is the story:
New York’s Finest continue to bolt from the job at an alarming rate, according to new data obtained by The Post — and some cops worry the exodus will only get worse because the city plans to cancel the next five Police Academy classes, shrinking the nation’s largest police force to the smallest its been in decades.
A total of 2,516 NYPD cops have left so far this year, the fourth highest number in the past decade and 43% more than the 1,750 who hightailed it in 2018, before the pandemic and crime spikes hit the city, NYPD pension data show.
The number of cops quitting before they reach the 20 years required to receive their full pensions also skyrocketed from 509 in 2020 to 1,040 so far this year — an alarming 104% increase, the data show.
Very sad.  I should add that criminals are not leaving their jobs.  On the contrary, their ranks may be increasing as they meet less resistance to their illegal activities.
How do you get more people to join the force?  I don't know for sure but I think that this is more than salary or benefits.  New York City needs a government that supports the men in blue and won't stab in the back when they are doing their jobs.
What a sad state of affairs in the Big Apple.
Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License
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