Under Biden, America skids towards poverty -- government data show median wage has fallen to just $40,847.18

For all the talk of Joe Biden's open borders turning America into the third world, Joe Biden doesn't need to import that poverty, he's doing just fine making America a poor country by his domestic policies alone.

According to the Economic Collapse blog, citing government data:

The Social Security Administration just released national wage statistics for 2022, and the figures that they have given us do not paint a pretty picture at all.  In particular, we should all be deeply alarmed that the median wage earner brought home just $40,847.18 last year.  That breaks down to about $3,400 a month, and that is before taxes.  Needless to say, you cannot live a middle class lifestyle in America today on just $3,400 a month before taxes.  So in most households more than one person must work, and in many cases more than one person is working multiple jobs.

The blog, linked on the Whatfinger aggregator, noted that the national median price of renting a home is $1,978 a month, and actually owning a home is the most unaffordable that it has been since 1984.

Previous figures I've seen have shown median worker wages in the $60,000 range. This shows a lot of lost ground.

So much for Bidenomics, and Joe Biden touting all the good he's done for the economy. I guess the price of a hot dog went down a couple cents. 

Biden's combination of federal overspending has driven federal debt to wartime levels, while his greenie mandates and regulations have driven electricity, fuel, heat and other costs sky high. And the inflation that comes of that overspending, for wars, bureaucrats, and handouts, has driven real estate, medical care, and other services to insane levels. Living in the U.S. has become unbearably expensive with that, and to make matters worse, wages have fallen, job availability has fallen, consumers have maxxed out their credit cards on necessities, and with the Federal Reserve stopping the printing money, a recession is coming.

It's as if a regime run by America-haters has managed to shut us out of our own economy now, effectively exiling us from our own country.

Sound like an America anyone would want to live in, a place of growing poverty? Only to a Democrat, such as Joe Biden and his loyalists, spending money on foreign wars we can't afford, leaving our border unprotected at a cost of billions, allowing government waste and fraud to go on, saddling consumers with greenie mandates, and calling bureaucrat hiring job creation and printed money a growing economy.

It just goes to show the unfitness of Joe Biden to lead the U.S. This is his economy, a place where wages go down, costs are unbearable, and poverty is becoming a way of life. Call him Poverty Joe, because our standard of living is falling now.

In Argentina, they just threw out their government for doing that to them.

Come 2024, will the U.S. follow?

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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