This so-called ‘trans,’ ‘non-binary’ woman is thinking about becoming Muslim

Aurora Bird (aka Birdy and) is a 20-something woman who chopped off her breasts; claims to be both “transgender” and “non-binary”; sports a weirdly epicene voice, a skimpy beard and mustache, long hair, and pretty feminine features; wears poorly applied make-up…and is seriously contemplating converting to Islam. She’s utterly pathetic and is noteworthy only because she perfectly exemplifies the damage that woke culture does to a growing number of young people.

Bird, a popular(ish) TikToker (almost 60,000 followers), identifies herself as an artist, herbalist, and person afflicted with AuDHD, a neologism that describes someone who claims to be autistic and suffering from ADHD. In other words, she’s one of the hordes of young “neurodivergent” people who see virtue in mental illness. However, what she won’t describe, of course, as mental illness is the fact that she had her healthy breasts cut off, takes testosterone, and “identifies” as something other than the woman she was born to be:

Image: TikTok screen grab.

Scrolling through her TikTok feed, it’s clear that her life revolves around her sexual identity. That’s all she is, and she’s quite aggressive about it against those of us who are not on board with imaginary biology:

@birdy.blossom (Allyship isn’t conditional. That’s why it’s so ridiculous that people actually think that I’ll support Israel because there are some homophobic Palestinians- also completely ignoring the fact that the US and Israel are FILLED with phobic people. Allyship- at its core- isn’t about your own personal popularity. You choose to be an ally because you believe in autonomy, in human rights, and for peoples ability to LIVE and THRIVE. You’re not here to get a pat on the back- you’re here to learn and support. It’s about using your privilege and your voice to uplift a marginalized community and make sure they get what they need. TRANS RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS!!!! FREE PALESTINE!!!! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🇵🇸🍉✊🏻) . . . #queer #trans #nonbinary #autistic #artist #handmadejewelry #testosterone #freepalestine #transrightsarehumanrights ♬ original sound - Aurora Bird (Birdy)

So far, this little birdy couldn’t be more generic. She’s just another voice babbling about the wonders of fighting human history and biology and recreating society in her own image. She is, in other words, a little leftist god.

Bird is also typical of the radical “transgender” community in she supports a “Free Palestine.” As you can see, she spouts the usual horse-pucky, claiming Israel is committing “genocide” against the Arab Muslims in Gaza and the West Bank. In her most popular video, she tells us that “transgender” people in Palestine die because they’re Palestinians, not transgenders. In a way, she’s right: If they were in Israel, they wouldn’t be dead. What’s clear is that, for Bird, because she’s oppressed, anyone else described as oppressed is her buddy in arms:

@birdy.blossom (I’m not the only Queer person who is having to address comments like this. Stop trying to manipulate Queer people to support a far right police state- you clearly don’t know our community at all. Historically and culturally: we stand for freedom, and that absolutely will always include Palestine.) . . . #queer #trans #nonbinary #autistic #artist #handmadejewelry #freepalestine ♬ original sound - Aurora Bird (Birdy)

By the way, this ill-informed, delusional rant was viewed almost 400,000 times and got 63,000 likes.

But feeling for the Palestinians isn’t enough for Bird. Now, she’s contemplating converting to Islam because, as she notes, there are transgender people who are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and even atheist. The reason behind her newfound respect for Islam is that she (along with a bunch of other crazy leftist women) has been watching a TikToker tout Islam’s wonders and has realized that the Koran really resonates with her. Allah, she says, is “beyond gender,” and there is a “Quran of nature” that completely aligns with her innate spirituality:

@birdy.blossom ( @Misha Euceph 🌻 recommends people to get the Laleh Bakhtiar translation and one other of the 3 she suggests. I highly recommend you check her out!! I’m starting with the Thomas Cleary because that’s Misha’s personal favorite and then the others I have. I have another by Mustafa Khattab that was also recommended to me- through WhyIslam that they give for free- so I’ve added to my list as well! I’m just going to read them consecutively to really absorb what each translation has to offer. I would like to eventually get the study Quran, so I’ll be in touch with those who reached out about the trade and see if y’all are down! It’s now in my morning routine to read the Quran and I am so happy about it. Thank you so so much for making this possible!) . . . #queer #trans #nonbinary #autistic #artist #handmadejewelry ♬ original sound - Aurora Bird (Birdy)

Well, good for her for reading this book. Maybe she hasn’t yet gotten to the parts condemning homosexuality. (Here and here, for example.) Moreover, the Koran, like the Bible, recognizes only the gender binary. Perhaps, too, Bird missed the passage in the Hadiths that discusses homosexuality:

This sin, the impact of which makes one’s skin crawl, which words cannot describe, is evidence of perverted instincts, total collapse of shame and honor, and extreme filthiness of character and soul… The heavens, the Earth and the mountains tremble from the impact of this sin. The angels shudder as they anticipate the punishment of Allah to descend upon the people who commit this indescribable sin.

Muslim countries take seriously the risks one runs at a spiritual level by allowing homosexuality within their borders. Iran, the heart of Shia Islam, and Saudi Arabia, the heart of Sunni Islam, both make homosexuality a capital crime, as do Brunei, Sudan, Somalia, and Mauritania. ISIS loved throwing gay men off roofs:

And Gaza, the region Bird so strongly supports, does too:

The armed wing of Palestinian militant group Hamas executed one of the group's leading commanders after allegations surfaced of gay sex and theft, it has been revealed.

Members of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades shot Mahmoud Ishtiwi, 34, three times in the chest after they had detained him for a year, The New York Times reported on Tuesday.

Hamas announced that the man in charge of a number of the group's tunnels used for smuggling and surprise attacks had been executed for moral turpitude, a Hamas term for homosexuality.

(I’m sure you appreciate, as I do, how this report from 2016 freely acknowledges the vast network of tunnels Hamas built under the Gaza Strip.)

Bird, frankly, is a moron. The problem is that she’s not the only moron. Instead, she represents a huge and growing cohort of leftists who have been brainwashed into believing any number of lies about everything from biological reality to the alleged core humanism in the Koran.

Image: Aurora Bird on the Koran. TikTok screen grab.

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