The eclipse of America’s greatness

The perception that America is a nation that is entitled to continued greatness is an illusion whose light is fading rapidly.

Many Baby-Boomers living in this country were taught from birth the “immutable truth” that our nation’s greatness was our birthright.  The real truth, however, is that it is these presumptions and consequent misguided feelings of comfort that will most likely guarantee our nation’s imminent downfall.  

The commencement of our decline probably can be traced to the Boomers’ “God is Dead,” “Flower Power” culture of the 1960s.  That is the generation that allowed an entire generation that followed it to be indoctrinated by a “progressive” secular theology, which incubated in our schools and supplanted the Jewish and Christian principles upon which this nation was founded.  That is the brainwashed generation that is now coming of age and taking control of our country’s levers of power.

And yet, the remaining aging Boomers pretend to be shocked when the new “humanist” religion they enabled displaces divinely inspired concepts that once undergirded our most unique Constitution — like the inherent value of human life and the rule of law.  That is the presently emergent ideology now taking hold in our nation, wholeheartedly committed to the advancement of politically malleable secular concepts like diversity, inclusion, and equity.

The problem with this new national philosophical trajectory is that it is confounding our country’s ability to clearly define not only what it is we believe in and stand for, but also what it is that we as a collective culture will not tolerate due to our collective fear of being labeled haters, racists, or bigots in one form or another.  

For instance, today, all those who may oppose the murder of unborn children or the genital mutilation of our children (whom we have allowed to be born) have been clearly advised that they risk being cancel-cultured as transphobic gender bigots.  Those who voice their opposition to the invasion of our nation by hordes of people with no knowledge of, much less any allegiance to, even the little things many of us like to take for granted — like our Constitution — are likely to be portrayed by the “enlightened” among us as white patriarchal former slave-owning racists who must be silenced and removed from any spheres of influence in this nation.  

It has now even reached the point that we have a president who feels compelled to admonish the nation to avoid Islamophobia as we are committing to a war that for all practical purposes is to defend our ally — i.e., Israel — against an Islamic brotherhood that is presently calling for a worldwide jihad for the eventual annihilation not only of all Jews around the globe, but also all Christians.  Is this not an example of our insanity today?

Put succinctly, with our culture’s abandonment of our Jewish and Christian principles and beliefs, we have now trapped ourselves in the warped logic of a man-made amoral system of beliefs.  Moreover, this cultural quagmire is most likely irreversible...and all this is before we even start to consider our nation’s runaway inflation, plummeting economy, soaring national debt, and impending federal bankruptcy.

The undoing of an entire generation committed to the illogic of a host of miscreant beliefs is not likely to be possible before it too late.  Even though many of us might wish we could put this latest generation’s errant ideological goo back in the tube, the simple truth is that it simply can’t be done short of a revival of the values and ethics that in an earlier day might have defied its emergence.  

Please, if you have a moment, I would appreciate it if you would do your best to convince me that I am wrong.  I, as a once proud American, could use the encouragement.

Cliff Nichols is the author of A Barrister’s Tales, the curator of The American Landscape, and the drafter of The Declaration of Liberty.


Image: Pashi via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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