Wall Street Journal states the obvious about federal bureaucracies seeking immortality

Now that Republican presidential candidates are talking about abolishing federal agencies, it looks like the Wall Street Journal has decided to wake up and smell the coffee.

They ran this recently:

Killing Federal Agencies Is Easier Said Than Done

Republican presidential candidates want to eliminate government agencies, but Congress would likely stand in the way
Look at this quote from the article as the journalist at the WSJ lobbies for the Education Department by saying that schools wouldn't be able to function without the generosity of government bureaucrats and taxpayers, or borrowed money. 
 The Education Department, for example, largely doles out federal grants to schools. If that money dried up, many schools wouldn't be able to function.
How did the schools function before the grants? No matter how much schools get, the results don't seem to improve. Of course, results don't matter. They just keep throwing out more money to pretend they care
The Federal Department of Education started functioning May 4, 1980, at the end of Jimmy Carter's term.
Somehow schools functioned for the first 204 years of the United States's history as a nation and we became the most powerful, successful, and wealthiest country in the world before the DOE began. 
The government started funding student loans in the 1960s to supposedly make them more affordable.
As the schools continually hired more administrators, the costs skyrocketed and the government threw more money at them instead of seeking to control costs. 
Then in 2010, the government took over student loans to pretend they would make a profit to help pay for Obamacare.
That didn't work. 
Then with COVID, the government decided college graduates shouldn't have to make payments for three years, creating more wards of the government which is clearly the goal -- to buy votes. 
After three years of a moratorium, some students are forced to pay back their loans, (what a concept!) but that is not good for an authoritarian president. He has dictatorially decided that a lot of students shouldn't have to pay off their loans. 
With Obamacare, when not enough people signed up, they just raised the income eligibility and subsidies. It was always a lie that you could keep your doctor, keep your plan, and prices would go down substantially. Whenever Trump or anyone wanted to change or reduce Obamacare, we heard the lie that Republicans didn't want people to have health care or insurance.
Like most federal programs, once they are started, they are essentially on autopilot no matter how bad the results are. 
With COVID, they "temporarily" greatly increased subsidies for food and day care which contributed to higher inflation. When Republicans tried to roll back some of these "temporary" subsidies they were called anti-woman and ridiculous claims were made that they wanted people to go without food. Those talking points are always in the Democrat playbook. 
And the green pushers are the greediest of all. Many government agencies are shoveling out money to them as fast as they can, all to pretend they can control the climate. No matter how wrong the predictions have been or how absent any evidence that our use of natural resources has a direct effect on temperatures, storms, or sea levels, the shakedown and kickbacks continue. 
Democrats rail against the rich yet the richest counties are around D.C. where they produce nothing but regulations. Five of the richest ten counties in the United States are around D.C., Those towns make a lot of politicians, lobbyists, bureaucrats, lawyers and others rich. 
They all benefit from a bigger government. The more departments there are, the richer they become. There is no incentive at all to control costs for the benefits of the taxpayers or the general public. 
And you better not want lower taxes and fewer regulations or an authoritarian like Obama will use the IRS to violate your Constitutional free speech and freedom of association right.
And his assistant, the puppet Joe Biden may compare you to domestic terrorists. 
The IRS targets political opponents, protects corrupt tax abusers like the Bidens and does a lousy job administering the tax code, but no one is punished. Instead the Democrats want to reward this do-nothing federal government with over 80,000 new bureaucrats and lots more taxpayer money. 
The FBI targets and illegally spies on political opponents while protecting corrupt people it supports from prosecution and few if any are punished. Instead they are being rewarded with a brand new $300 million building which I am sure they will construct on time and under budget, all to fill with more like-minded bureaucrats. 
The intelligence agencies and the State Department somehow didn't spot Hamas planning an attack on Israel but many were working hard to build up Iran's finances.
Yet no one is fired for pure incompetence. 
The DHS refuses to enforce immigration laws that Congress passed but no one is punished or fired. They did try to destroy border guards with lies about whipping people. No one was fired for those lies, either. 
The State Department and Department of Defense screwed up the Afghan withdrawal but bragged about how great it was. No one was punished for the thirteen American deaths on the way out.
But look how quickly the media, bureaucrats, Democrats and many Republicans mobilized to destroy the outsider Donald Trump even before he took office. They could not stand the thought that he would transfer money, power, freedom and people from their fiefdom in D.C. So they sought to destroy him every day for the last seven years despite how successful his policies were at helping the people, especially the poor and minorities. 
It is clearer every day that Democrats, bureaucrats, and some Republicans care more about D.C. than what is good for the country. It is a shame that most journalists also clearly care more about a wealthy, powerful government than the rest of us.
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