Putting the ‘climate change’ propaganda into perspective

It seems as though every day, the media, the United Nations, government officials, and others seek to scare the public into capitulating to the radical, destructive, expensive green agenda; here is a small snippet of what Joe Biden said on Tuesday:

Anyone who willfully denies the impact of climate change is condemning the American people to a very dangerous future.

The impacts we’re seeing are only going to get worse, more frequent, more ferocious, and more costly.

Last year alone, natural disasters in America caused $178 billion — $178 billion in damages. 

He said storms are more frequent than ever without showing numbers. This year we had three hurricanes that hit land in the U.S., which is certainly not more frequent than normal. There are very few deaths, as a percentage of total deaths, from natural disasters this year or almost all years. Worldwide, deaths from natural disasters range from .01% to .4%. Exactly how much lower than .01% do politicians and bureaucrats think they can go if they get their way? Don’t they always tell us we have a population crisis too?

Contrast that to how many people die young in under-developed countries that don’t have the access to natural energy resources to improve their quality and length of life. Why don’t Biden and others encourage them to develop if they care so much for the disadvantaged? Why do the green pushers contribute so greatly to keeping countries poor?

As for cost, high inflation makes storms cost even more each year, even if there are fewer storms. Let’s put the $178 billion cost in perspective. It is around .7% of the $26 trillion economy. Why would we spend trillions on policies to intentionally destroy so many businesses that directly and indirectly employ tens of millions to save a small sum of $178 billion, even if these policies could change the climate (they can’t). Why would we greatly harm the poor and middle classes and reduce their quality of life?

Talk about inflation and mixed-messaging—Jeff Bezos, who owns the WaPo, an outlet that spreads the green propaganda every day, spent $68 million buying a three-bedroom house on the ocean in Miami. He clearly doesn’t believe it is going to be underwater soon as the WaPo constantly tells us.

And wildfires in California, an often-cited natural disaster, weren’t “worse” this year, there were far fewer than normal. That is why we didn’t read about them. Stories of fewer wildfires wouldn’t scare people into capitulating to the green pushers, and the propaganda would be ineffective.

2023 California wildfires were around 20% of the average of the last five years. This year marked the fewest fires in 25 years:

It’s nearly August, but one familiar summer trend has been very scarce this year: wildfires. California is off to its slowest start to fire season in 25 years. … The reason for the state’s good fortune now, experts say, is water. Lots of it.

Did they get better because of government policies, or because people capitulated to electric cars? Nope, they got much better because of record snow and rain which the fear mongers did not predict. The climate is and has always changed cyclically and naturally as those of us who are falsely called climate change deniers have always said.

What the public never gets to see from the media, the UN, John Kerry, Biden, bureaucrats, scientists, educators, entertainers, and other green pushers is any scientific data that shows a link between temperatures, sea levels, and storm activity because there is none. That pesky 35-year cooling period from 1940–1975 shows it has always been a lie and a massive fraud.

We must stop this insanity before the United States is internally destroyed to the benefit of our enemies China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea.

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