Biden promises a ‘faster, smoother commute’ with new infrastructure including ‘double’ the number of ‘zero-emission’ buses

Today, Joe Biden’s social media staffers shared an infographic touting the regime’s “investments” in promising an “easier” commute:

Notice that first item? “Doubling the number of zero-emissions” buses? Now, what that really means nobody knows, because obviously, these buses are as far from “zero-emission” as a bus can possibly be. The mining process for the ore and the manufacturing process to fabricate the metal means… emissions. The energy required to power that bus comes from somewhere, which means… emissions. (And it’s sure as heck not anywhere close to “clean” if it comes through wind and solar.) Procuring the minerals for the battery is one of the most environmentally detrimental mining processes in existence, which requires tons of diesel machinery and again… emissions. Regardless though, Joe’s promised it means a “faster” and “smoother” commute….

Now, in completely unrelated news, a “100% Battery Electric” commuter bus for Google workers recently crapped the bed while in-service, rolled backward down a steep hill in San Francisco, smashed into parked cars which caused injuries, and blocked traffic for a number of hours. See a post to X from an eyewitness below:

Call me crazy, but that looks like the exact opposite of a “faster, smoother” commute.

And maybe it’s just me, but does it bother anyone else to see “them” use the word “investments” as if their policies are anything like a legitimate investment? Investment implies that there was a choice on behalf of the investor (me and you), and one invests money into a venture because he/she expects a positive return.

Rechargeable buses? Amtrak? These are supremely stupid “investments” which is why I would never willingly put my hard-earned money into them—yet I’m forced to, or I can expect jail time or an IRS execution. Lucky me….

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