Pro-Hamas protestors shut down New York's Grand Central

The pro-Hamas protestors are at it again, bolder than ever, this time shutting down Grand Central train station on a Friday rush hour in New York and forcing the cops to hole up in their own police station.

According to Fox News:

Service at Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan was temporarily suspended on Friday after a mob of pro-Palestinian demonstrators flooded the streets of New York City to protest Israel's war in Gaza, creating chaos as some tried to break into the closed station.

The pro-Palestinian rally began at 5 p.m. Friday with over a thousand individuals marching through the streets. Some were seen tearing down posters of the hostages being held by Hamas terrorists and crumbling them up while other demonstrators burned an Israeli flag.

According to an Instagram post from pro-Palestinian organizations Within Our Lifetime and the City University of New York for Palestine, the protest was to "flood Manhattan for Gaza."

As Fox News's Bill Melugin aptly put it:



And why is this even legal?

This is no protest. This is closer to an act of terrorism, from irrational antifa-like maniacs (some of them might be the same people) to hold a city hostage to their anti-Semitic agenda and shut it down for their own jollies.

If the PLO had done this back in its heyday, it certainly would have been considered some kind of terrorism.

It's not hard to think that these clowns involved in this Grand Central shutdown will grow addicted to the attention they receive and do something even worse now.

This act represents another bottom dropping out -- from peaceful protests, to messy protests, to nakedly screaming anti-Semitic protests, to shutdown protests, to roadblock protests, and now to major transport disruption protests at the heart of one of Manhattan's top transit hubs.

People have a right to travel. And delays create monstrous bottlenecks in a place like New York. These pro-Hamas lunatics shouldn't be able to get away with this crap at all.

Yet everyone in leadership in that city seems to be cowed by these freaks, as if they held some kind of moral authority over the city as they make fake claims about Israeli 'genocide' while defending a group that really does want Israeli genocide and has proven its intentions in its terrorist massacre of 1,400 on October 7.

To paraphrase Sen. John Fetterman, who has unexpectedly raised his stature by standing up for battered Israel, these idiots should be protesting Hamas.

But that's too much to ask. What they want is to disrupt and take over the city and incredibly, city officials are letting them, at least for a time. The Fox News story said these clowns were eventually arrested, but only after a couple of hours' disruption. Why were they not swooped down on, SWAT-style, the way the deep state's police apparat goes after a Trump operative?

If they get away with this, every creep with a cause is going to duplicate what these pro-Hamas protestors have done and shut down ever more vital parts of the City of New York. 

As if New York didn't already have enough problems as it is with crime, illegals and homeless issues dominating its landscape as it is. What a sorry story.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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