Lawyers, guns, and money (and speech): How Democrats steal our constitutional rights

One of the most basic legal premises is that the government cannot do indirectly that which it is barred from doing directly. However, in Washington, D.C., and across America, Democrats are using indirect means to destroy our constitutional rights.

If you’re reading this post, I’m betting that you’re aware of the Twitter files, which revealed that the Deep State was working closely with Big Tech to censor content about Russiagate, COVID, the vaccinations, and Biden family corruption. Therefore, I won’t rehash that. However, if you haven’t seen Tucker Carlson’s most recent interview, this one with Douglass Mackey, you don’t know that the administration is also using its police powers to silence political speech.

Douglass Mackey is the man who posted a joke on Twitter telling people to text their votes for Hillary. It was a joke identical to posts that Democrats were putting up regarding voting for Trump. However, unlike the Democrats, Mackey was hunted down. Seven days into the Biden administration, he was on the receiving end of an FBI raid and staring at 11 years in prison for election interference. The fact that there was no evidence that anyone, even a Democrat, was stupid enough to take his joke seriously was irrelevant. Watch this video and be horrified:

In Democrat-run America, political jokes will get you arrested. So, while the Democrats haven’t succeeded in amending the Constitution to remove the First Amendment, they have engaged in policies that effectively chill political speech. They have done directly that which they cannot do directly.

Picture made using an image by Navyatha. CC BY-SA 4.0.

The Democrats have also waged relentless war on the Second Amendment. They cannot seize all arms directly, much as they wish they could. However, they keep trying to constrain people’s rights, with initiatives that include limiting the types of guns people can have (“the ‘assault weapon’ bans”), access to guns (no concealed carry licenses), alterations to guns (pistol braces), and the age at which people can have guns (old enough to vote but too young for a weapon).

So far, for most of these efforts, bad legislation has expired, or good judges have ruled that the efforts are unconstitutional. However, that doesn’t stop the government from trying. As Olivia Murray wrote just yesterday, the latest effort at the federal level is to limit access to ammunition. You see, they’re not banning guns; they’re just making them ineffective. They are trying to do indirectly that which they cannot do directly.

At least these attacks on the Second Amendment are out in the open. What’s much more insidious is the Democrat effort to destroy the Sixth Amendment’s right to legal counsel:

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to…the assistance of counsel for his defense.

We understand that this right to counsel extends to any foray we make into the courtroom, whether voluntary or not.

To date, the Democrats haven’t amended the Constitution to remove that right, nor would they want to. It’s important for Democrats and their voting blocs to have attorneys. However, they desperately want to make it impossible for their political opponents to have attorneys, whether in civil or criminal matters.

Because they cannot do that directly, leftists do it indirectly by going after the attorneys who work for their political enemies, seeking either to disbar them (e.g., John Eastman) or criminally indict them (e.g., Jenna Ellis) for daring to advance arguments with which Democrats disagree. Disfavored individuals like Derek Chauvin also have an almost impossible time finding legal counsel.

The threat to a lawyer’s livelihood and liberty has a chilling effect (really, more of a freezing effect) that makes it impossible for conservatives to find legal counsel when the government goes after them. This is especially troubling when you remember that John Adams, America’s second president and a fanatic patriot, nevertheless successfully represented the British soldiers accused of murder in connection with the Boston massacre. He understood that, when facing the might of the government, which is judge, jury, and executioner, everyone, no matter what the accusations against him, needs a knowledgeable friend at his side.

As for unconstitutionally taking money, under Article I, the government is allowed to take your money only via taxes that originated in the House and were approved by the Senate. However, the massive inflation Biden’s policies have triggered constitutes taxation outside the constitutional process. Per Milton Friedman, “inflation is a form of taxation without representation,” as people are forced into ever higher tax brackets even as their purchasing power diminishes.

In posting his Douglass Mackey video, Tucker Carlson (or his team) wrote “The First Amendment is done.” Through the connivance of the Democrat party, the Deep State, and the Biden administration, the Second Amendment, the Sixth Amendment, and Article I are done, too. If we don’t push back hard in the next election, our wonderful, unique, and liberty-oriented Constitution will have been rendered meaningless.



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