Just blame Lori for everything

It's not fun having to solve problems, especially when you are a Democrat and ran your campaign making all kinds of promises.  Or maybe this is just another case of "blue on blue.”  Who knows?  We do know that the Mayor of the Windy City is talking. Here is the story:

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson said he "inherited" the Windy City’s migrant crisis from his predecessor, former Mayor Lori Lightfoot, during a press conference touting construction of the city’s first government-run migrant tent encampment. 

"Look, the international crisis that I inherited six months ago, I’ve made it very clear that we are going to make sure that we remove people out of police districts: women, children who are living on floors and sleeping outside, that we’re going to create spaces that provide more dignity," Johnson said Tuesday. 

Who knew that people would actually come to sanctuary cities? Are you surprised too?

The problem is that Mayor Johnson is not blaming the source of the problem or the Biden administration that opened up the border. The mayor is talking about the international crisis that he inherited, but who did he really inherit it from?  I am not a fan of Mayor Lori Lightfoot, but blaming her is a bit of a stretch.

As the article points out, the other problem is that the local homeless population (estimated at 68,000) is very unhappy.  They were promised a better life but the new arrivals are displacing them.  Talk about stabbing your base on the back.

So what are they going to do with all of those migrants when the temperatures in Chicago go below zero?  So far no Democrat has offered to invite them into their homes. 

They are desperately hoping that President Biden can sneak a few billions in the Ukraine or Israel package for "humanitarian" assistance.  I don't think that's going to happen.  So Mayor Johnson will have to deal with this challenge all by himself and solve problems for a change.

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