Joe Biden's soul brother: Sam Bankman-Fried

Well, that was fast. 

A jury of his peers found crypto-king fraudster, Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, guilty on all seven charges stemming from defrauding investors.

According to the Daily Mail:

Sam Bankman-Fried's parents broke down in court on Thursday night after their son was found guilty of embezzling $10 billion of his clients' money, in what the prosecutor said was 'one of the biggest financial frauds in American history.'

Bankman-Fried now faces up to 115 years in prison.

The 31-year-old, who founded crypto exchange FTX, was convicted on all seven counts against him. The jury reached their unanimous verdict in less than five hours. 

Yet there's not that big a shock factor and the reason for that is a certain deja vu. Bankman-Fried's crimes sound a lot like Joe Biden's, and we've already had a bellyful of those, watching him get away with them time and time again, with impunity. It was what Bankman-Fried expected, too, but didn't, having robbed the wrong people. Yet the striking similarities to what they did make the two seem like soul brothers.

What Bankman-Fried did was an amazingly brazen fraud, running a monetary exchange and then stealing money out of people's accounts without their knowledge, which is kind of like what a bad blue government will do. Presumably, it was to pay debts but he also shelled out for a lot of Democrat political coffers and campaigns -- stating that he thought it a cheap investment. 

It says something that Bankman-Fried, like Biden was indeed interested in politics, leftwing ones, just like Joe Biden.

He was, most notably, the Democrats' second-largest political donor, taking money from customers' accounts to finance them, and seems to have thought he would be gaining something in exchange for it.

During his testimony Singh walked the jury through the $100million that was spent on political donations, including $5million to Joe Biden, though he also gave to Republicans too.

The court heard that Bankman-Fried regarded such donations as a good return on his money and a cheap way to gain influence.

What's most vivid was how inattentive he was, which sounds a lot like Democrats as they seek to spend more money.

In the words of the prosecutor, cited by the Mail:

'...You know who was responsible. Sam Bankman-Fried. He spent his customers' money and he lied to them about it.

'This was a pyramid of deceit built by the defendant on a foundation of lies and false promises, all to get money. Eventually it collapsed, leaving thousands of victims in its wake.'

He added: 'The answer is clear - he took the money, he knew it was wrong. He did it because he thought he was smarter and better and could walk his way and talk his way out of it. But today, with you, that ends.' 

Better and smarter? Sounds like Democrats all over.

Here's another thing that resembles Biden: He made his fraud operation a family operation, even employing his own father for a spell. Biden did that too with Hunter, James and various other characters within his family mafia.

Meanwhile like Hillary Clinton, and various irresponsible Biden cabinet officials, Bankman-Fried on the stand didn't recall...

Roos said he was able to perfectly recall what the inside of the Alameda Research offices looked like and the thought process behind renaming NBA team Miami Heat's arena to incorporate the FTX name.

'He was a completely different person under cross examination,' he told the jurors.

'Suddenly he couldn't remember a single detail about his companies. It was uncomfortable to hear. It happened over 140 times.

'He had to be asked and re-asked. He lied about big things and he lied about little things.

And like Joe Biden, he gaslighted:

'He told you he didn't know what was going on and he didn't realize that what was happening was wrong.'

He added: 'To believe the defendant, you would have to ignore the testimonies of his partners in crime, including Caroline Ellison. You would have to ignore the documents.

 He said white was black and black was white and expected you to ignore the evidence of your own eyes. Where have we seen that before? That's right -- the Biden administration. Just ask what's going on at the border.

It ought not be surprising that with this package of damning details -- he actually had delusions of becoming president:

On Thursday, Sassoon said Bankman-Fried stole the customer assets in pursuit of 'money, power and influence' and believed he could one day become president. 

Gesturing toward Bankman-Fried, she said: 'This is somebody that wanted to be president of the United States, who thought he should be president of the United States.

Which sounds a lot like Joe Biden, Joe Biden all the way, delusions of absolute power built on a foundation of absolute corruption. Bankman-Fried never cheated at an election, but he cheated at other things and expected that his money would shield him enough to get away with it the way Democrat politicians do.

It tells us that in a sane world, Joe Biden would be convicted easily of these same kinds of crimes, what with paycheck after paycheck from foreign sources making their way into his bank accounts and bribery being exposed all over from the House investigators.

Bankman-Fried sounds a lot like Joe Biden when his crimes are laid out. Don't be surprised if at the end of his term. Joe Biden pardons him.

Image: Screen shot from MSNBC video, via shareable YouTube



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