Democrats and their blinders

The media, Illinois’s Dick Durbin, and other Democrats are targeting the Supreme Court constitutionalists for their ethics and gifts. They don’t like the way Justice Thomas and Justice Alito rule, so they are seeking to destroy them. As far as I can tell, there haven’t been any rulings that have been affected by these gifts, but that doesn’t matter—the Democrats and their lackeys are trying to destroy in the court of public opinion, so they can replace conservative justices with activist justices who rule in lockstep with the Marxist-Democrat agenda. If that fails, then it’s back to trying to stack the Court.

From an article at The Hill:

Durbin: Justices hitting Supreme Court’s reputation with ‘wrecking ball’

While Durbin is attacking Alito and Thomas, I haven’t heard a peep from him, or Schumer, or the other Democrats about the allegations of unprecedented corruption within the Biden family, including Joe.

Here are some things we know that the Democrats and most of the media don’t care about, saying “there is nothing to see”:

The media and other Democrats have known how the Biden family has lined its pockets because of Joe’s political power for years—Biden ferried Hunter around the world in government jets to gather kickbacks for the family.

Biden lied, saying he knew nothing about and had nothing to do with Hunter’s or Jim’s business dealings.

Biden lied, saying that Hunter had never made money from China.

Biden used taxpayer money to blackmail Ukraine to fire a prosecutor investigating a corrupt company that paid Hunter millions despite having no expertise in energy, then bragged about it afterwards. President Trump was impeached for suggesting Biden’s admission be investigated; the media and other Democrats downplayed the obvious scandal.

The Justice Department tried to sneak a sweetheart deal with Hunter through on tax felonies and gun violations; I thought Democrats were concerned about equal treatment under the law?

The Justice Department buried all sorts of credible information about Biden family corruption. Shouldn’t Democrats be concerned about a biased Justice Department?

The Bidens had twenty shell companies to launder money, yet according to Democrats there is nothing to see.

Hunter Biden disguised income as loans to intentionally underpay his taxes. I thought Democrats cared about rich people underpaying taxes?

Under tax laws, it is illegal for family members to have zero interest loans to each other yet somehow when Jim Biden gets kickbacks and then pays Joe with checks marked loan repayments there is nothing to look at.

These things are just the tip of the iceberg.

It is clearly massive corruption, but the media and other Democrats don’t care about the Bidens… or the Clinton family corruption for that matter.

Since the Democrats are so concerned about gifts to Supreme Court justices, maybe they could ask for a list of all the gifts (kickbacks) to the Bidens. They certainly weren’t payments for services, because the Bidens have nothing to offer except access to the “Big Guy,” whoever that is…. Take a look at the “buyer” of Hunter’s art, who was appointed to an esteemed government commission.

Here is an excellent article by Jonathan Turley, an honest Democrat, describing the Biden money laundering business:

Government on Loan: The Biden Family’s Version of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

In July, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) released an unclassified FBI record which included allegations to the agency of Biden and his son, Hunter, being paid $5 million each by a Ukrainian energy executive when the senior Biden was vice president. Most of the media has shown an utter lack of curiosity in following the money. However, the House Oversight and House Ways and Means committees have made strides in tracking millions of dollars which they allege were sent to Biden family members through a labyrinth of shell companies and accounts.

The Bidens have been criticized for decades for influence-peddling. It is important to note that, while influence-peddling can be done legally, it is uniformly viewed as unethical or corrupt. For the Bidens, it also seems to be something of a family business. While Biden’s brothers and son had few discernible business skills to market, they did have access — to him — to sell. The problem seems to be that they burned through the proceeds as fast as they acquired them.

Two IRS whistleblowers, who testified before House investigators in July, highlighted the use of a loan allegedly to evade public disclosure and taxation. Hunter allegedly took large payments from dubious foreign sources and listed them as “loans,” despite no evidence of repayment or any standard loan agreement.

Selective outrage isn’t outrage at all. Democrats seek to destroy anyone who gets in their way, whether it is Supreme Court justices, Trump, or Speaker Johnson.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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