Housing illegal migrants in America's airports?

Is there nothing of greater priority to this Biden administration than the care and feeding of illegally present foreign migrants?

It sure seems like it.

Witness this latest bat-brained scheme from Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to house illegal aliens in America's airports.

According to Fox News:

 Dozens of House Republicans, led by the head of the Transportation Committee, are calling on Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to stop migrants being housed at airports across the country, as the federal government scrambles to find ways to house illegal immigrants.

Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Sam Graves, House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik, Aviation Subcommittee Chairman Garret Graves and Representative Anthony D’Esposito, R-NY, along with 66 other House Republican lawmakers have written to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg opposing plans to house migrants at airports.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) made written to New York in August recommending 11 federal sites in New York and nearby where migrants could be housed in order to relieve pressure amid a massive migrant surge into the Empire State, including airports.

They wrote:

"We adamantly oppose these ill-conceived plans that blatantly ignore the true crisis at hand and would inappropriately utilize America’s infrastructure," the lawmakers say. "Our Nation’s airport infrastructure was built to facilitate commerce and transportation, not to serve as housing for unvetted and undocumented migrants. We request that you enforce public airport grant assurances and reject such plans."

The lawmakers say they are concerned about the "lack of regard" for security risks posed by housing migrants at airports and say that airports are generally required to request permission from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) before they’re used for nonaeronautical purposes.

To say the least. Airports are put there by taxpayers for the purpose of air travel, their own air travel, not unvetted migrant housing, which has created problems everywhere it has been established. Just ask New York City, which is now the home of migrant-trashed hotel rooms.

There's a zoning problem right there. Put an unpermitted addition onto your own house and the inspectors will come after you. Turn the airport into a migrant housing complex and nobody does a thing.

The GOP is correct to suspect that this could be a security problem to have thousands of unvetted foreign migrants wandering around, opening doors, walking into places, stealing from travelers and calling the airport home. Send one terrorist there with interest in knowing the lay of the air operation and expect some trouble afterward. After all, didn't 9/11 begin at a couple of airports back east, with visa-overstaying illegal migrants getting on planes? Illegals and anyone without I.D., let alone vetting, don't belong at U.S. airports any more than unmannerly Americans who got themselves on the no-fly list for arguing with flight attendants do. But of course, illegals get special treatment.

Is it too much to ask illegals to pay for their own hotel rooms the way normal people do? These are economic migrants generally who have sold their homes and businesses to come here illegally and have paid thousands to cartels for human smuggling fees. If they have that kind of money, then they can pay for their own hotel rooms, medical care and food.

It's astonishing the belief of the Bidenites that they need to supply a full free ride to migrants to reward them for breaking into the country illegally. They also abuse the asylum system with fake claims that somehow have to be taken as seriously as the people these asylum laws were written for, such as the occasional escaped North Korean soldier. 

The bottom line here is that airports are not migrant housing and shouldn't be converted into that, with air travelers forced to step around them, avoiding the trash and human excrement, and doing their best to avoid the robbers.

If the Bidenites want to let the whole world in, they need to plan for letting the whole world in, which if course they never did. They would rather just take away all semblances of the modern world from ordinary Americans, which includes safe airport access, and make it into some third world hellhole airport.

Congress is right to go after them, and if this story, reportedly passed last night in Congress, reducing Pete Buttigieg's salary to $1 for not doing his job, is true, it's the right way to treat this suckup to Joe Biden's hideous agenda. If Buttigieg can't tell Biden to go to heck on his airport idea for illegals, the way the military told President Trump no dice on guarding the border, then it's time for him to leave.

It can't happen soon enough. Airports are not migrant housing and Buttigieg has no right to expropriate them from the public for that unworthy purpose.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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