Harvard goes from ivy league to ISIS league: pro-Palestinian groups exposed

Harvard’s The Crimson posted a “Joint Statement by Harvard Palestine Solidarity Groups on the Situation in Palestine” that says, among other things:

  • “We, the undersigned student organizations, hold the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all the unfolding violence.” Right, those nasty Jews vandalized the Hamas members’ knives and bullets by getting blood all over them, and their homes attacked the Palestinians'’ Qassam rockets by hitting them for no reason. 

  • “Today’s events did not occur in a vaccum [sic].” This is the (il)literacy one seems to gain at Harvard for $55,500 a year. This is the same material that came from the UN’s Secretary General, who was also recently seen welcoming Iran to a committee on human rights.

  • “The apartheid regime is the only one to blame.” We understand Harvard, the Jews deserve whatever happens to them.

The letter concludes, “This statement was co-authored by a coalition of Palestine solidarity groups at Harvard. For student safety, the names of all original signing organizations have been concealed at this time.” Unfortunately for these ISIS League geniuses, the ones who failed to get rid of another copy of the letter that I downloaded, backed up, and forwarded to several places under my own name, the organizations will be made known. Here is the list of the student organizations involved:

African American Resistance Organization

Bengali Association of Students at Harvard College

Harvard Act on a Dream

Harvard Arab Medical and Dental Student Association

Harvard Chan Muslim Student Association

Harvard Chan Students for Health Equity and Justice in Palestine

Harvard College Pakistan Student Association

Harvard Divinity School Muslim Association

Harvard Middle Eastern and North African Law Student Association

Harvard Graduate School of Education Islamic Society

Harvard Graduate Students for Palestine

Harvard Islamic Society

Harvard Law School Justice for Palestine

Harvard Divinity School Students for Justice in Palestine

Harvard Jews for Liberation

Harvard Kennedy School Bangladesh Caucus

Harvard Kennedy School Muslim Caucus

Harvard Kennedy School Muslim Women’s Caucus

Harvard Kennedy School Palestine Caucus

Harvard Muslim Law School Association

Harvard Pakistan Forum

Harvard Prison Divest Coalition

Harvard South Asian Law Students Association

Harvard South Asians for Forward-Thinking Advocacy and Research

Harvard TPS Coalition

Harvard Undergraduate Arab Women’s Collective

Harvard Undergraduate Ghungroo

Harvard Undergraduate Muslim Women’s Medical Alliance

Harvard Undergraduate Nepali Students Association

Harvard Undergraduate Palestine Solidarity Committee

Middle East and North African Graduate School of Design Student Society

Neighbor Program Cambridge

Sikhs and Companions of Harvard Undergraduates Society of Arab Students

Members are free to quit these organizations, exclude them from their résumés when they apply for jobs, and pretend they never heard of them. I will meanwhile try to get copies to the major companies that said they will not hire anti-Semites so they will know to look for these groups on job applications.

Civis Americanus is the pen name of a contributor who remembers the lessons of history, and wants to ensure that our country never needs to learn those lessons again the hard way. He or she is remaining anonymous due to the likely prospect of being subjected to cancel culture for exposing the Big Lie behind Black Lives Matter.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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