How ironic that Hamas has exposed the anti-Semitism of the American left

For decades the American left, the Democrat party, has reveled in their phony status as the party of anti-racism and political correctness (as if it were a good thing), instead of acknowledging the verbal tyrant it actually is.  The Democrats relish their pseudo-elite, self-appointed position as the arbiters of all things noble and ethical when in fact their “agenda” is anything but noble or ethical.  The left’s agenda is all about transforming America, as Obama so righteously declared in 2008, from a free society to a Marxist/communist nation of a surveilled population that must comply with the dictates of an authoritarian government by an elected and an unelected oligarchy.  The radical left has been remarkably successful over the last fifteen years; it has transformed America.

This radical left has remade, as in weaponized, our DOJ, FBI, CIA, ATF, etc. into enemies of law-abiding American citizens.  The American judiciary has been “transformed” into something of which Stalin and Mao would be proud.  Our local law-enforcement agencies throughout the nation have been eviscerated in favor of Soros-installed district attorneys and attorneys general who favor criminals over victims: criminals are the victims, victims are oppressors.  Soros’s supplicants have brought our cities to their knees.  San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, D.C., NY, etc. have been overhauled from great American cities into fetid landscapes of homelessness, crime, poverty, and the drug addiction that fuels the degradation.  We can credit the now thoroughly radical Democrat party for all of the above.  They run all of those cities. 

Obama set race relations back fifty years.  Throughout the Trump term, the left capitalized on that by vigorously endorsing BLM and Antifa.  Soros-backed organizations recruited, supplied, and paid the rioters who fomented the movement that followed George Floyd’s death by fentanyl.  The media slavishly perpetuated the lie that he was murdered by Derek Chauvin.  He was not.  But the left’s despicable narrative held, and Chauvin is in prison.  Our system of justice has been so completely broken by the wholesale collusion of the globalist left, the Democrat party, and the media that it cannot be called justice in the real sense of the word.  What we have now are show trials.  What the left has done and is doing to President Trump, the J6 attendees, and any other conservative they need to ruin—everyone in Trump’s circle—has made our once lofty and high-minded constitutional system a colossal, tragic joke. 

Then came the barbaric attack on Israeli civilians by the terrorist group Hamas.  It was the most horrific massacre of Jewish people since the Holocaust: 1400 civilians butchered.  One would have thought that the whole world would rally around Israel, a tiny nation amid a sea of Muslim countries that have long sought its extermination.  Even Muslims, one might have assumed, would be stunned by the brutality of the attack.  But no.  Not only Muslims around the world, but millions of American leftists, particularly on our elite college campuses, rushed to defend Hamas and blame Israel.   The “squad” in our Congress jumped to Hamas’s defense and no Democrat called them out for it.  Twenty Republicans refused to censure the odious Rashida Tlaib.  She has long made it clear that her devotion is to “Palestine,” not America. 

Just as the Democrats were enjoying what they saw as a serious crack among the House Republicans over who would become speaker, we now see that there is an abyss within the Democrat party, a split far more serious than settling on a leader.  Who knew that so many Democrats, in and out of Congress, would support Hamas over Israel?  Now we do know.  This bitter knowledge is a shock to many, many Americans, particularly the law firms that seek to hire students from our most prestigious universities.  They are not happy.  They delivered a scathing letter to the deans of those alleged institutions of higher education.  It seems they are actually dens of leftist indoctrination of the worst kind… the Nazi kind. 

The Biden administration pretends to support Israel but beneath the surface is sabotaging the tiny Jewish nation.  Biden/Blinken seem to think they can tell Israel what it can and cannot do in response to the October 7 attack.  Biden/Blinken/KJP are worried about Islamophobia!  What a crock.  They want to send millions in “humanitarian aid” to Gaza, knowing full well that Hamas will take possession of whatever aid arrives there.  They fret about civilian deaths, as does Israel, knowing that Hamas routinely uses its people as human shields in the most cruel ways.  Their leader, comfortably smug in Qatar, begs for the deaths of his own Gazan women, children and elderly to stoke their “revolution.”  The citizens of Gaza mean nothing to Hamas.  Their revolution, as the Arabs  have made clear since 1948, is the total extinction of Israel and the Jewish people.  It’s in their charter.  They have refused every generous opportunity for a two-state solution.  Do all those young, privileged college students know that?  Probably not.  They only know that they have been taught that Israel is the “oppressor” so the Gazans must be oppressed.  Their ignorance and lack of any moral sense is shocking.

What is perhaps no longer puzzling is why the left and too many on the right have been so amenable to ushering millions of migrants from all over the world into the country over our southern border.  They clearly do not mind terrorists infiltrating the U.S. unvetted, untracked, and dispersed throughout the states.  Their antipathy for America is so deep that they do not mind it being destroyed from within. They are a party to this obscenity. 

Bottom line?  Now everyone knows that far too many of our young, so-called educated leftists and far too many members of Congress have now openly declared their anti-Semitism.  This has been a shock to liberals of the JFK variety and to Americans who never, never thought they would see such hatred of the smallest minority on the planet.  But it is now out in the open, now we know.  The left’s long quest to be the dominant power on the planet has been far more successful than imagined.  Perhaps all this makes the Democrats’ fear and loathing of Donald Trump understandable.  He is the polar opposite of these craven protestors for Hamas.  He sees them for who they are and has for a long time.

These Hamas-supporting people throughout the country are furious with Biden for pretending to support Israel and its absolute right to defend itself—which they deny.  Perhaps this is the Black Swan event that will wake up the American people, those so blinkered they thought Biden was a viable presidential candidate.  He wasn’t.  He has been the worst, most destructive president in U.S. history.  It will be ironic if his polls continue to tank among young leftists because he pretends to support Israel.  Talk about just desserts.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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