Feral youth just beat a 17-year-old to death

Jonathan Lewis, 17, was just trying to stand up for a smaller friend who’d been robbed and dumped into a garbage can. Instead, the same mob turned on him...and beat him to death. We have a serious violence problem in America, and it’s a combination of lax law enforcement and cultural breakdown.

Daily Mail headlined this story:

A teenage boy has died days after he was horrifically beaten by a huge gang of bullies near a Las Vegas high school.

The attack happened on November 1 near Rancho High School, when 17-year-old Jonathan Lewis was pummeled by around fifteen other youths.

He is said to have been targeted after standing-up for a smaller friend who’d just been robbed by the mob, according to a GoFundMe page set up by his family.

Police officers found him at about 2.05pm that day, bleeding from the head.

The teen was put on life support at University Medical Center, where he died Tuesday after doctors made several attempts to save his life.

Here’s the footage of that murderous beatdown:

I know Jonathan Lewis died, but I’ve wondered what happened to this person:

And then there are the fights at airports:

Sports events:

And, again, schools:

We know that much of this violence is driven by a criminal justice system that functions as a revolving door. If you’re “in good” with the Democrats in your city, state, or country (that is, if you belong to a pro-Democrat voting bloc), you just don’t need to worry about serious criminal consequences. We know, too, that this violence is driven because leftist bureaucrats and politicians are preventing school administrators from disciplining students, even those who are violent.

And there’s the cultural factor. I’m sure that no one missed that Jonathan Lewis was white and his attackers black. Indeed, given that blacks are less than 14% of the American population, it’s unpleasantly surprising how often they feature prominently in viral videos about mobs of young people getting into brawls or coming together to beat an individual (sometimes fatally, as happened to Lewis).

For those with short memories, this goes back at least as far as the Rodney King riots. I still haven’t forgotten that Damian William’s defense was that he was “caught up in the rapture” of the moment when he tried beating Reginald Denny to death. Williams was acquitted of attempted murder but convicted of felony mayhem and misdemeanor. As it happened, he served only five years, getting released in 1997. Just three years later, he successfully murdered a drug dealer, leading to life in prison.

The reality is that black culture—led by white leftists and complicit black Marxists—tells young black people that self-control is white, that laws are racist, and that violence is a fire that is needed to purify America’s original sin of slavery. However, while whites occasionally get caught in the crossfire generated by this lie, as happened to Jonathan Lewis, we all know who really falls victim to this evil mindset: blacks. Their communities are broken, and their young men are killed.

I actually don’t blame the young blacks who engage in this violent behavior, although they must be punished. They don’t know better. I thought of this when two young black men parked their car next to mine and opened a door to create the famous movie marijuana scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High:

They have not learned from their community how pot drags you down. They don’t know better.

However, none of these behaviors or habits need to be associated with skin color, despite what young blacks are told. They are purely cultural.

Indeed, ironically, as Thomas Sowell describes so ably in Black Rednecks and White Liberals, these are Scotch-Irish behaviors that came to America in the 18th century. Southern whites finally shook off the violence, alcohol abuse, promiscuity, hostility to education, refusal to plan for the future, and general imprudence that held them back in America—and that drove some of America’s worst racial episodes in the worst 20th century. However, beginning in the 1960s, American blacks embraced these same traits (see John McWhorter’s Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America) and have been dragged down by them ever since.

The left has a stranglehold on blacks and is killing them. Until the black community looks within and rejects the pathologies that leftists assure them are their cultural heritage and pushes back against the policies those same leftists impose on their communities, there will be more videos of brawls, more destroyed black communities, and more meaningless deaths.

Image: The mob that beat Jonathan Lewis to death. X screen grab.





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