Bringing American Jews to the right side of politics

Democrats have done an amazing job of collecting intersectional grievance groups, picking at the scabs of discontent by convincing said groups that the Democrats, and they alone, can solve their grievances, by expanding government power in service to their groups interest and concerns.  That many of these grievance groups often have diverging interests (queers and Palestine, blacks and Hispanics, Jews and Muslims) is overridden by their (seeming) common interest: undermining Western civilization, America’s Judeo-Christian founding, and capitalism.

American Jews

I wish not to belabor how and why Jews have leaned left in America, as other essays have documented this extensively, but to discuss how and why we need to work to convert more Jews to vote Republican.

Not all Democrats support Hamas, but all American Hamas-supporters are Democrats.  The October 7 attack on Israel and subsequent rallies in America and abroad have shone a light on the left’s widespread support for Hamas and Palestine.  This should be a catalyst for Jews recognizing the Democrat party’s duplicity of hate and antisemitism.

Israel and America have two common enemies: radical Islam and leftism.  Radical Islam refers to Israel as the “little Satan” and America as the “great Satan.”  In this vein, radical Muslims are in lockstep with the left, who also despise both Israel and America.  While Islam’s hatred is religiously founded, the globalist left see Israel and America as the last bastions of a (r)epublican form of governance.  Europe at one time maintained a republican form of government but has (seemingly) ceded its allegiance to Klaus Schwab and the WEF.

While Republican support for Israel is not universal, and the question of American “boots on the ground” has both supporters and detractors, Republicans generally speaking are not antisemitic, in spite of leftist propaganda.  While the left and the media (but I repeat myself) wish to depict Donald Trump as Hitler and Elon Musk as Goebbels, this is nothing but projection, to cover for their own blatant antisemitism.

Leftist Jews have been a destructive force in America with their funding of leftist causes (university endowments, BLM, Media Matters, etc).  Let’s hope (pray) that as events play out in Israel and across America, Jews have a “come to Yahweh moment” and join forces with Americans who share the common causes of liberty, justice, freedom of religion, and self-determination.  These traits are found in the Republican, not Democrat party.

Image: hendricjabs via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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