With the advent of transgenderism, feminism has killed itself

With the advent of transgenderism, feminism has effectively killed itself.

Its advocates are now surprised that their theory was radically enforced and they are now falling under the wheels.

After all, does anyone remember this?

“You are not born a woman, you become one.”

This probably most famous quote from Simone de Beauvoir’s key work “Le deuxième sexe” (“The Other Sex”) dates from 1949. It is a classic of feminism that is more than 70 years old, from one part of the world's first modern couple (Beauvoir had a common-law relationship with French existential philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, living in Paris) and is the quote of all original feminists.

She wasn't the only one, though from the musty halls of feminist philosophy. There is the book called "The Little Difference," by German feminist Alice Schwarzer who was a collaborator with Beauvoir.

The book made this claim:

Alice Schwarzer concluded that the “myth of the vaginal orgasm (also considering the cultural meaning of penetration) gives the men the sex-monopole with which they oppress women. It gives them the monopole of defining the sexual standards and this monopole of sex gives them also social, cultural and financial monopole in a patriarchal society. Therefore, she asks women to challenge male norms of sexuality because this will also challenge the gender stereotypes, which will lead to change and to female emancipation.

It's all about women focused on themselves: beginning with the idea of "Liberation" which made it clear to protagonist Alice Schwarzen that she is an equality feminist, so for her there are hardly any differences between men and women.

That’s just the radical gender theory in its original version.

But with transgenderism, women are at a disadvantage now there, too. After fifty years in the mainstream the book has brought few benefits to women.

The hysteria in feminism is therefore transparent – is it about the children, or the families that break up? Or is it about women’s spaces and nothing more? 

Alice Schwarzer’s quote about the law shows this best: Women believe that their problem is gender and not patriarchy.

So it’s always about your own interests.

That patriarchy doesn’t exist and that everything is propagated by the feminist lobby.especially since in the 1975 book The Little Difference she praised John Money and what he did with David Reimer, forcing a boy with damaged genitals to grow up as a girl and not telling him. She praised that as a great medical innovation.

So is Schwarzer really the big new trans-critic or is it just about her special rights? In particular, many lesbians are feminists and now many young women with male attributes and probably lesbian leanings are more likely to come out as trans-men than others, so is it just about a problem with sexual partners, which she wrote about in her first book?

If feminism would admit that men and women are different physically but also mentally then we wouldn’t have these problems.

Equality is not equality.

Eva Kniefel is a German writer who lives in Germany.

Image: Picryl // public domain




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