The growing weirdness of the 'drag queen' phenomenon

Among the several sexual perversions enjoying increased social acceptance, the so-called “drag queen” phenomenon is arguably the most disturbing.  Its most pernicious feature is that it is not content to seek the right of men to dress as women, but is aggressively venturing into the hitherto forbidden realm of pedophilia.  Transvestites and their allies are going even further than that, by actually demanding enforced access to small children, claiming that their “right” to do so overrides the rights of parents to protect their offspring from exposure to practices which are not only personally offensive, but which violate their moral standards, religious and otherwise. 

Two recent news items illustrate the growing ferocity of those who oppose this incursion.  In San Fernando, a person who appears to be a man was blocked by protestors from entering a public library where he had been officially invited, on the pretense of “reading” to children in an event called “drag queen story hour.”  Who could oppose someone reading to children?  Obviously, that is a thin excuse for accustoming young minds to exposure to the sexual quirks of some adults.  While this person appears to be a man disguised as a woman, most of the news articles which I found online refer to him with the feminine pronouns, she and her. 

The other news item concerns the University of Notre Dame, the esteemed Roman Catholic institution.  The university plans to host a drag queen event.  Unsurprisingly, many of the students oppose this, protesting that, "We cannot help but question how witnessing such a performance prepares students to be forces for good and truth in the world." 

Exactly.  Many supporters of this perversion make the weak argument that it is merely “harmless entertainment,” one which is opposed only by censorious bigots.  There are many forms of harmless entertainment.  Why does this particular one merit a “one-credit” course in the curriculum?  Tiddlywinks is harmless entertainment; transvestites posing as educators of children is not.  The university tries to elevate the subject matter to the status of “the principle of academic freedom,” a preposterous claim in this context. 

One would think that the Roman Catholic Church’s leaders would have learned a lesson from the scandal of pedophile priests, which dreadfully harmed both its victims and the church’s reputation as a defender of the downtrodden.  Drag queens are not downtrodden victims, they are culprits. 

Fortunately, increasing numbers of Americans are becoming aware of the threat to their children.  It is this factor -- their love for their children -- that is energizing the resistance.  Opposing them, there is an inexplicable force for evil among social institutions, including not only universities, but sports, retail, and even some churches.  Those forces for evil have billions of dollars in assets.  It will take more than a few angry parents to overcome them. 

The drag queen phenomenon is not isolated.  It is closely associated with the advocates of enforced participation in homosexual-oriented ceremonies, and coerced transgender mutilation of young children.  We are in a cultural and spiritual war that cannot be won piecemeal.  It requires a comprehensive and vigorous campaign of informed activism, more energetic and better organized even than those of the aggressive social left. 

Surrender is not an acceptable option. 

Image: John Connor

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