A parable illustrates Israel’s plight and her strength

A hungry Wolf spied a Rooster in the forest. As he slowly crept toward his prey, the Rooster said, “I hear you, Mr. Wolf.” 

The Wolf replied, “Then come over here, and I will have you for dinner.” 

“Leave me in peace,” said the Rooster, “I have no problem with you.” 

With that, the Wolf lunged at the Rooster, eager for his meal. 

The Rooster jumped into the air and pecked the Wolf neatly in the face. “Again, I say, leave me in peace.” 

“Now you’ve made me angry,” shouted the Wolf. “I’m going to tear off your wings and eat you at my leisure.” He lunged again. 

The Rooster simply stepped sideways, and the Wolf ran into a tree. “Perhaps you should have a snake or a frog for your dinner today,” said the Rooster. 

Clearing his head, the Wolf ran for the Rooster again. The Rooster stepped to his right and scratched the Wolf’s side with his claws. A ferocious brawl ensued. When the dust settled, the Wolf lay gasping on his back, his stomach laid open by the Rooster’s sharp talons. 

As he lay dying, the Wolf cried, “You have killed me, how could a rooster defeat a wolf?” 

The Rooster replied, “I have been hunted my entire life. When I was just an egg, snakes and birds wanted to eat me. As a chick, skunks and crows watched me from a distance. As a young rooster, foxes chased me. I learned to defend myself and my family.” 

The Rooster continued. “You, Mr. Wolf, were fighting for your supper. I was fighting for my life.” 

Image by AI.

Note from the author… 

To bring this fable up to date, I could easily have ended with a caucus of crows in the trees shouting their support for the wolf. “The Wolf is hungry,” they would say, “The Rooster is on the Wolf’s land.” 

Mockingbirds would chime in, “The Rooster has killed an innocent Wolf! He must stand trial for murder!”  

For those even more clueless about my little fable, we are, of course, talking about the Israelis and Hamas. Israel has endured attacks from all sides for her entire existence. No “woke” military there. 

Even though her security forces missed the sneak attack, they have planned their responses well in advance and are carrying them out now. 

These are no longer the 1970s when the Arab world was united against Israel. Israel has made friends with many of her former enemies, who now fear Iran more than Israel. I would imagine that even the Palestinians in Gaza are tired of Hamas constantly stirring up trouble and using them as pawns for their hatred of Israel. Many just want normal lives for themselves and their families. 

With this grotesque and heinous attack on innocent civilians who were advocating for peace, Hamas has gone too far. Its members’ insane brutality led them to film and broadcast their horrific atrocities for the world to see. It will be very hard for any Arab country to defend their actions in any way. Indeed, we may actually see Palestinians helping to root out Hamas members and sympathizers and end their reign of terror in the area once and for all. 

Once the threat of Hamas is gone, there is a good chance that a peaceful resolution can be developed for the Palestinian people. The Saudis have already put a proposal in place called HKOPS that, while it misstates Jewish history, nevertheless accurately recognizes that Jordan was always intended to be the state for those Arabs resident in the Holy Land.

Some will ask, “What about the children of the terrorists who have been raised from birth to hate all Jews?”  

This is where the videos come in, the ones showing armed terrorists raping and killing those attending a peace rally and others beheading babies. How is the son or daughter of a Hamas terrorist going to feel when seeing a video showing his or her father beheading an innocent baby? We can only hope that these children can see the light and walk toward peace. 

One common thread among all terrorists is that they are cowards. They are quite brave when beating and killing defenseless women and children, but they run screaming when confronted by a real military. I’ll bet those busloads of women and children trying to exit Gaza are filled with former terrorists sporting ladies’ dresses and full makeup. 

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