Who knew that Muslim parents would oppose LGBT values?

The Democrats are learning on a daily basis that there is more to politics than January 6 and hating Trump.  They are also learning that some voters think their party has been hijacked by some pretty weird people who think boys can be girls and girls can be boys.

Enter a community in Michigan.  This is the story:

The LGBTQ residents of Hamtramck, Michigan voiced their feelings of "betrayal" over the Muslim city council's decision to remove Pride flags from public property, according to the Washington Post.

The council unanimously voted in June to ban Pride flags from public flag poles, citing a desire to respect the religious rights of citizens opposed to the symbol. This decision, months later, is still considered an act of betrayal by LGBTQ citizens to the symbol of "diversity" they hoped the council would uphold.

"Many residents in this tiny enclave just north of downtown Detroit saw these changes as a sign of Hamtramck's progressiveness. The Muslim community that had previously experienced discrimination, including voter intimidation and resistance to mosques' public call to prayer, had finally taken its seats at the table," the Post reported.

It continued, "Yet the ethnic, cultural and religious diversity that made Hamtramck something of a model is being put severely to the test. In June, after divisive debate, the six-member council blocked the display of Pride flags on city property -- action that has angered allies and members of the LGBTQ+ community, who feel that the support they provided the immigrant groups has been reciprocated with betrayal."

Betrayal?  Really?  Maybe the LGBT community never really understood the value system that these immigrants have.  Over the years, I've spoken to many Muslims in the U.S., and they are very conservative on family issues.

Moral of the story: Do not assume that supporting an immigrant is going to have him change fundamental religious values on marriage and sexuality.  Immigrants have their values, and they won't let you poison their kids with books and messages that contradict what they believe.

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Image: City of Hamtramck.

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