There’s something fishy about eating bugs

Most of you have seen numerous reports that eating bugs, not meat, will save the planet.  Epoch Times just released a new film showing just how seriously the Left is pushing this agenda.  Roman Balmakov, who directed the film, explains in detail how "People in charge of some of the most powerful organizations on the planet have determined that agriculture, specifically animal agriculture, is to blame for global warming and global warming is to blame for the high prices of food and food shortages." And “The film explores how governments are using the climate agenda -- at home and abroad -- to take control of private farmlands.”

The leftist notion is that living, breathing, flatulent-emitting cows and pigs are one of the big creators of that poisonous gas (aka CO2) that will destroy the earth in 12 years (doing the math from AOC’s 2019 prediction makes that… eight years from now) so we must stop eating delicious steaks and chow down on some bugs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Yummy.

The World Economic Forum says:

  • Our consumption of animal protein is the source of greenhouses gas and climate change.
  • Insects are an overlooked source of protein and a way to battle climate change.
  • The consumption of insects can offset climate change in many ways.

Like any wide-reaching initiative the Left pushes, the long-term effects are never really thought out, which would also make them lousy chess players, but I digress.  Examples of initiatives (like bug-eating) that have and will fail not only because the premise behind them is fundamentally flawed but because they lack sufficient critical thinking, planning and testing:

  1. Eliminate fossil fuels and go to electric vehicles by 2035.  By now we all know how ridiculous the notion is to push EV’s so fast with their unproven reliability and range, lack of any plan for a supportive infrastructure, dependence on foreign nations for raw materials, etc.  But the Left’s commitment to this folly us unwavering.
  2. Eliminate coal and natural gas power plant and build solar and wind energy production. Not only is this notion woefully unreliable and wasteful, but did anyone bother to do the math on this?  I did, and based on the average efficiency of solar panels, the U.S. would have to sacrifice three entire average-size states to have enough solar panels to satisfy our current power needs, and that’s without any form of energy storage. 
  3. mRNA vaccines are “safe and effective.” Well, now we know they were more harmful to healthy young people than the virus itself , while truly safe and effective mitigation protocols like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine were outlawed. 

Are we therefore ready to jump on the cricket train and accept that eating bugs instead of steak and spare ribs are the best long-term solution to human survival? Do we simply accept the premise that bugs don’t create so-called “greenhouse gases”? Well, they do.  “Insects, like people, require oxygen to live and produce carbon dioxide as a waste product.” Oh, and insects also fart, emitting methane (termites), nitrous oxide (ants) and a whole host of “climate-change” poisons. 

We also can’t just harvest insects naturally to satisfy our protein needs or we would destroy the earth’s delicate ecosystem heavily reliant on the existing insect population so we would need new insect farms. These farms would raise and breed insects most desirable for human consumption like crickets, worms, black soldier flies, etc.  I am no expert on insects, but visions of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds come to mind as I imagine an immense fly farm down the street from my home instead of the corn crop used as feed for farm animals.  What could go wrong?  What is the risk of these massive farms that are breeding these insects in enormous volume also becoming an invasive demon of our finely-balanced ecosystem? 

A new diet based on a few of these bugs also takes away one of life’s true joys; cooking.  Let’s face it, there’s not too many ways to spice up Hamburger Helper. 

I am certainly not opposed to anyone who wants to give insect-eating a try, just as I don’t condemn those who buy a Tesla because it is an exciting technological machine, not a planet-saver.  I’ll be damned, however, if I’ll ever give up making my delicious homemade beef jerky because someone thinks the earth is better off if I eat worm gruel as a snack instead. 

Image: Tylwyth Eldar

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