The White House is creating an office to curb gun violence

In the leftist lexicon, "preventing gun violence" is code for gun control.  That's why we should all view with deep suspicion the report that the White House is creating an office that will focus on "preventing" gun violence.  Since the White House's policies all encourage gun violence, the only avenue left to the White House to "curb" this violence is to grab guns from law-abiding citizens.

If you read the article at The Hill, you see that, while it talks constantly about how the White House, congresscritters, and various groups dedicated to ending gun violence are excited about this office to end gun violence, the article is silent about anything concrete.  It mentions failed initiatives to limit gun rights but says nothing else that might curb actual violence.  Here are just a few excerpts that give you a sense of this thunderous silence:

Image: Biden speaks about his desire for gun control.  YouTube screen grab (cropped).

The White House will announce this week that it is creating an office of gun violence prevention to focus on efforts to curb gun violence, two sources familiar confirmed to The Hill.

Gun violence prevention advocates and Democratic lawmakers have been pushing the White House to establish a designated office solely focused on gun violence.


March for Our Lives, which was created following the Parkland, Fla., school shooting in 2019, has been making the push for an office. And Community Justice Action Fund, the largest Black and survivor-led advocacy group, has been consistently demanding it too.

President Biden will announce the new office at a Friday event at the White House, The Washington Post first reported. Greg Jackson, the executive director of Community Justice Action Fund, is expected to attend the event, as well as Rob Wilcox, the senior director for federal government affairs at Everytown for Gun Safety, according to the Post.


The White House has pushed its limits in terms of executive powers to curb gun violence. In its latest move, administration officials are eyeing a Justice Department-led expansion of background checks for gun purchases.

If I were trying to end gun violence, I would not make it more difficult for law-abiding people to have guns.  Instead, I would (a) make it more difficult for criminals to commit crimes and (b) create a culture of values and respect for life that is antithetical to violence — kind of like how America was before the 1960s, a time when gun ownership was common but random gun violence significantly lower.

So if this new White House office to reduce gun violence would like my suggestions, here goes:

  • Stop having a revolving-door justice system that sees criminals instantly back on the streets.
  • Enforce existing gun laws against actual criminals.
  • Encourage fatherhood, which significantly decreases crime.
  • Discourage abortion, especially in inner-city communities, because abortion tells young people that life has no value.  If a mother doesn't care about a baby's life, why should anyone else care about the value of life?
  • Encourage Judaism and Christianity, not as run through leftism, but as built around the anti-murder values of the Noahide laws and the Ten Commandments.
  • Close the border through which violent criminals, especially cartels, are coming.
  • Teach gun safety in schools and give children responsible outlets for handling guns.  This was also common in America when gun crime was much less.

Of course, everything I've suggested is impossible because it runs counter to Democrat policies.  As became patently obvious with the BLM/George Floyd movement, the left wants to decriminalize crime.

Leftists discourage fatherhood.  Instead, they promote single motherhood, which means a higher poverty rate and more dependence on government.  Leftism and abortion...well, do I need to say anything?

And do I need to discuss the left's hostility to the classic Jewish and Christian religious traditions?

The open border is a core Democrat policy.  Through it come drugs, cartels, criminals, illegal guns, and single young men...all the things that lead to gun violence.  Nothing will stop the left on this policy except imprisonment for those men and women in the administration who are behind this border criminality.

When it comes to teaching gun safety in school, the schools aren't even interested in teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic.  For the left, schools exist to teach DIE, CRT, LGBTQ+, radical feminism, etc.  Each of these, of course, drives America's decline into a paranoid tribal nation rather than a law-abiding nation of many people bound together by love of country and the Constitution.

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