The 'dirtbag left' loves itself some Hunter Biden

Anybody ever heard of something called 'the dirtbag left?

That's a thing. That's what a certain subset of Democrats call themselves, and I'm surprised we didn't come up with the name first.

Turns out they've got a hero -- named Hunter Biden.

According to Politico:

“Hunter Biden latest video,” Fox News host Sean Hannity tweeted in September 2022. “Nude water slide riding with hookers at 4K per night Malibu rental.”

Hannity’s post got almost 20,000 replies, and predictably riled up conservatives looking for ways to villainize Joe Biden by way of the actions of his son. But for a small group of people — most of whom could be described as chronically online leftists, sometimes of the self-proclaimed dirtbag variety — Hunter represents something else. Look no further than a subsection of the comments on Hannity’s original post: “Y’all gotta stop making Hunter Biden cooler and cooler.” “tbh this sounds lit.” “Legend.” “Well I guess that answers the question to what I would do if my dad was president.” “Homie ballin outrageous.”

That's their hero, and those are their values, and who is surprised?

They'll defend Hunter no matter how disgusting he is, no matter how many women he exploits, no matter how many drugs he does, no matter how naked he gets, and no matter how many political strings he pulls, no matter how many stretches in rehab, no matter how many kids he photographs himself in bed with. The worse he acts, the better they like him.

Politico continues:

In that way, he shows some humanity in a stultified political culture. It can be strangely refreshing, allowing the online leftists to see something of him in themselves or their family and friends.

Yeah, we know. 

But who, exactly, is this dirtbag left?

Apparently, it's the old rotted remnants of the Bernie Bros, who love using vulgarity and foul language and spend inordinate amounts of time on the Internet harassing others. Having seen their Bernie stiffed by the Democratic Party for its presidential nomination twice, they don't vow to fight the Democrats to run a clean game as one might imagine -- they prefer to stew in their own bitterness, confident in their view that America is a flawed country.

Most of us know this type well.

They even have a Wikipedia page:

Despite the connotations of the term "dirtbag left", its use is not typically considered derogatory, with The New York Times calling the term "a defense mechanism that doubles as a nickname."[15] Self-identification with the term is indicative of the dirtbag left's tendency toward irony and self-deprecation, with Frost noting that the term "speaks to a lot of people who have been dismissed or chided by liberals for embracing vulgarity, eschewing sanctimony or piety, and refusing to be civil to the right wing", adding that the term "says something positive about what we do believe, and what we’re willing to ruthlessly fight for, regardless of established etiquette."[14] Chapo co-host Will Menaker joked that "if you sleep on a mattress on the floor and fuck in a sleeping bag, then you just might be the dirtbag left",[2] before explaining that he sees the dirtbag left as a "scurrilous and funny approach to left-wing politics" that contrasts "utterly humorless and bloodless" liberalism.[18]

It's all ironic, of course, but I have my doubts. I think they prefer disgusting to decent.

Politico continues:

Welcome to the Hunter Biden Fan Club. Ideology: Hunter Biden is cool. He is “based.” Membership requirements: a disaffected leftism (often of the self-described “dirtbag” variety), shattered hopes after two failed Bernie Sanders campaigns, interest in irony-poisoned podcasts (either as a host or listener with vague plans to start one). Theme song: 21 Savage’s 2018 hit “Ball w/o You” (members will be aware that the president’s son sent that tune to one of his lawyers). Drinks: free, of course.

Because of course they do.

Naturally, they find him "thrilling":

What’s most immediately obvious is Hunter’s excess. Some on the left have joked that Don Jr. occasionally exudes cocaine-user energy; Hunter literally has photos on his computer of himself smoking crack. He allegedly deducted a sex club membership from his taxes; during a particularly dark few weeks he left his apartment only to buy Smirnoff vodka. For the super-online lefties who can find spectacle in anything, divorcing it from reality or sincerity, he’s ventured further down into various addictions than anyone else so closely connected to a U.S. president; there’s something thrilling about that.

“He’s not just doing key bumps or anything like you might have at some urban yuppie party, he’s out there, getting guns put on his head to do crack,” Christman tells me. “Which means, in street parlance, he’s a real one.” (Hunter says he’s been clean since 2019.)

Some even call him the GOAT.

With a festering scene like this surrounding the Democrats is it any surprise that they're in the shape they're in? These creatures' real beef is that the Democrats cheated them, so they're going to go all out to prop up Hunter Biden as their hero in response to Democrats and their corruption.

The rest of us see an entirely disgusting picture and want it gone, but these guys find it attractive, because they do, they just can't quit Hunter.

Seems we learn something new every day.

File this one under 'Barf alert.' 

Image: Screen shot from The Sun video, via YouTube


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