The Democrat party, not Biden, is the problem in America

I would warn and encourage AT readers to take no joy in the upcoming, preordained derailment of Joe Biden’s presidential reelection aspirations. Biden is a semi-senile, corruption-pock-marked albatross around the neck of a party that doesn’t deal kindly with liabilities. Like water flowing downhill in a sewer line, the disintegration of a potential Biden second term is a certain conclusion. In fact, the 2024 Democrat messaging will very likely be, “See, we’ve cleaned up our mess, and we are ready to boldly move on for America.” Conservatives need (for once) to be there ahead of this propaganda fest and, in the minds of American voters, sow abundantly the counter idea that nothing has changed in the least—that the penchant for corruption, ineptitude, and larcenous treason remains the same.

Image: Democrat party logo. Public domain.

So, ask friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers (that’s right—take that risk) the following questions, emphasizing whether they apply merely to Biden, or is something much broader and deeper afoot here.

1. Which is the party that kneecapped US domestic energy production, causing fuel prices to skyrocket and kickstarting (and still fomenting) rampant US inflation, so evident at any supermarket?

2. What is the party that you most associate with globalism, and that is fundamentally opposed to the very concept that America just might be exceptional?

3. Which is the party that supports transgenderism to the extent that you can have a male swimmer in your daughter’s locker room (and you can’t do anything about it)?

4. Which is the party that has championed Green Energy/manmade global warming to the extent of castrating our US domestic industry/manufacturing base, yet says nothing about Chinese rampant pollution and CO2 emission (but now wants US-funded carbon taxes to be sent around the globe)?

5. Which is the party that has allowed/abetted/promoted a national crisis on the southern border (and now in US major cities) that is totally man (government—theirs) made?

6. What party do you associate most with the phrase “A Mostly Peaceful Protest,” and with the well-funded and engineered movement to defund law enforcement in advance of a different, more malevolent law enforcement?

7. Which is the party/administration that is associated with the military decline that was so evident in the Afghanistan withdrawal disaster?

8. Which is the party that you have come to associate with the school/the teacher having precedence over the parent in decisions regarding a student’s sexual orientation? For that matter which is the party that you associate with a minor student at any age having decision-making authority over gender choice and potentially life-altering medical procedures?

9. Which is the party that you associate with the labeling of parents of school children (or conservative Catholics) as domestic terrorists?

10. Which is the party that you associate with minimal to absolutely no restrictions on abortion or with actual punitive measures on health care providers choosing not to offer abortion services?

11. Which is the party that you associated most with the denial of freedom to choose to receive—or not—what was essentially an experimental, RNA-based vaccine during the COVID pandemic and that rained down derision or outright censorship over alternative approaches to managing the pandemic?

12. Which is the party that you associate with the political assassination/imprisonment of its political opponents, banana-republic style?

13. Which is the party that you associate with two-tiered justice in America?

14. What party would you prefer to meet head-on the axis of Russia and China in a near-certain upcoming war and not to leave a tremendously weakened America in its wake for your children and grandchildren?

Do you really think getting rid of Biden will solve or change anything? Do you really think it will warrant a victory lap? Or do you think we’ll then simply have to up our game, like there is no tomorrow if we fail to?

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