The biggest jackass at the United Nations General Assembly

In absence of functional U.S. leadership, the United Nations General Assembly, is worse than it usually is this year.

Sure, Joe Biden did his part to sound like an idiot, praising the United Nations leadership instead of American leadership for lifting a billion people out poverty and the like.

Not far behind, Ukraine's Volodymyr Zelensky, who, after pleading with the world for war aid and support for his invaded country, went on to declare global warming the world's most pressing problem.

What a brown-noser.

But the big prize for jackassery goes to Colombia's far-left anti-American president, Gustavo Petro, a close ally of the late, unlamented Hugo Chavez, who first threatened to ship illegals to the states, a country that without irony he compared to Nazi Germany. Then berated the U.S. with a string of false claims about U.S. treatment of illegal aliens, whipping out the race card for good measure.

He was like a crude satire of one of the third world "confusion and resentment" nominal intellectuals straight out of V.S. Naipaul.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Colombian President Gustavo Petro predicted that “billions of people will defy armies” to migrate to the United States and other Western democracies, which he has previously likened to Nazi Germany.

“Billions of people will defy armies and will change the earth to do this,” Petro told the United Nations General Assembly. “The exodus across the borders has increased. They have set the dogs and the hounds on the immigrants. They have put people on horses to pursue them with whips in their hands, with stocks and chains. They have built prisons.”

Whips? Nazis? That would explain why they keep coming, right, Gus?

The nominal U.S. treaty ally and recipient of millions in U.S. foreign aid, went on, pulling the race card:

"Prisons have even been built at sea so that these women and men cannot tread the Earth of the white people, who still believe themselves to be the superior race,” he said Tuesday. “[They] are nostalgic for this, and through their choices and elections they revive the leader who said so and who killed millions as a result.”

Where do we even start to unpack this?

Start with the lie that the U.S. is enforcing its border and trying to keep migrants out.

What is he talking about?

The Biden administration is employing catch and release, letting all comers into the country, with some of the highest numbers ever seen happening now. Some six million illegals have been let into the country as of Biden's presidency. His supporting argument, that the Border Patrol is using "whips" on migrants is an even bigger whopper. Even Politico reported that more than a year ago. He's out repeating it for the record, though, rousing the other anti-Americans of his ilk, even as he encourages others to enter the U.S. illegally.

Who says the border surge isn't an invasion? He sure sounds like it is and he wants it to get bigger, knowing very well that unchecked illegal immigration is a very good way to destroy a country's sovereignty. From his perch in Colombia, the far-left socialist and former guerrilla terrorist is now egging it on. 

His use of the race card was pretty amazing, too, given that he's lily white himself, with photos showing him with blue eyes and Wikipedia saying his ancestry is Italian. This guy is one of the whites he warns us about, and a pampered elitist one, too. What a hypocrite.

The broad picture though, is perhaps most disturbing. He's letting the cat out of the bag that migrant movements are intentional and being exploited by socialists of his ilk from outside U.S. borders. Anybody bring that up here in the states? No, because we must have wrongly assumed that this was just migrants, not an organized conquest. Instead of expressing shame that his own country has shipped so many illegal immigrants who would do anything to avoid being sent back to the Colombia that he rules, he's cheering the surge and calling it a victory of the brown people over the white people, ignoring the sentiment of the locals in very Latino south Texas where the surge is the worst. He sees the migrant surge as something he's "winning."

Unless of course, the U.S. pays up for global warming, he throws in. He'd like that greenie cash given his destruction of Colombia's top export industry, oil, in the name of going green, which has since been replaced not by windmills, but this being Colombia, cocaine. 

It's astonishing how emboldened they get when they sense weak U.S. leadership. Petro knew very well that the U.S. wouldn't respond to him, and of course they didn't, they just sat there and took it like nothing was wrong. The U.S. should be pointing out that Colombia has become a miserable place since he took over, changing net migration from nearly zero during the time of President Alvaro Uribe, to tens of thousands of Colombians now fleeing the socialism of his country.

That would be too much to ask of Joe Biden, so Petro is hitting out at the country he hates, ironically claiming "credit" for the mobs of humanity trying to escape his country trying to get in.

Image: Screen shot from Gustavo Petro video, via YouTube

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