Stacy's song: I'm not true to my school

Like that old Beach Boys' tune about being true to your school, Chicago Teachers Union President Stacy Davis Gates is so true to her district that her son goes to a Catholic school. So much for being true to your school now Just like you would to your daughter or son.

This is the story:

She defended her decision to send her son to a private school, saying it was the result of “unfair choices” she and other South and West Side parents face.

“It was a very difficult decision for us because there is not a lot to offer Black youth who are entering high school” in Chicago, Davis Gates said. “In many of our schools on the South Side and the West Side, the course offerings are very marginal and limited. Then the other thing, and it was a very strong priority, was his ability to participate in co-curricular and extracurricular activities, which quite frankly, don’t exist in many of the schools, high schools in particular.”

Davis Gates is also denouncing the news outlet’s decision to reveal her son’s high school choice, along with his picture and name.

“We live in a time with extremist political rhetoric, and it has led to violence,” she said. “My children, my family should not have to endure this. And doxing a child is violent, and it’s unacceptable, and it needs to be rejected and decried by every institutional leader. It’s just not okay.”

Agreed -- it's not O.K. to use a child.  But it's worse to have the child's parent be a hyper hypocrite.

Why can she send her kid to private school? Because she has the money and the other parents in the city don't.  Wonder how many parents in Chicago would love to have the means to get their kid out of a lousy school?

So Stacy is right about the choices in the South Side.  The difference is that she can choose but the others can't.  

The story will be forgotten soon.  The local Democrats won't call for her resignation or that of other teachers who do the same thing.  I remember once hearing that 30% of the teachers in Chicago do not send their kids to the district.  I can't prove it but it's probably true.

So Mayor Brandon Johnson can talk about the Texas buses but he has got some explaining to do about the local schools.   

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Image: TDKR Chicago 101

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