Report: Get-out-the-vote ‘charities’ engaged in partisan political activity

Do you ever get the feeling, as a taxpayer, that you’re being played for a fool? For example, is it bothering you to learn how great a percentage of COVID funding ended up in the hands of fraudsters? Do you care that we’re funding millions of illegal aliens? Well, if that irks you, I’ve got a new one to make you see red: Parker Thayer did a deep dive into “nonprofit voter registration” programs and found that tax-deductible donations to 501(c)(3) charities were being, poured into highly partisan, leftist electioneering.

One of the things that Democrats have been good at is getting voters registered. It often seems as if, on the Republican side, the only person trying to register conservatives is Scott Pressler. Getting out the vote doesn’t seem to appeal to the RNC, just as it seems stunningly disinterested in dealing with election fraud.

On the other side of the aisle, it turns out that not only are Democrats good at getting voters registered, but they’re also very good at using 501(c)(3) money—tax-deductible donations that can be used only for non-partisan causes such as civil engagement or voter education—to get people to register as Democrats:

My recent special report, How Charities Secretly Help Win Elections, ripped away that fig-leaf [that 501(c)(3) was used for non-partisan purposes]. The report reveals the untold story of a nondescript charity named the “Voter Registration Project” that was used to funnel over $100 million into a five-year voter registration scheme hatched by Clinton campaign operatives to help Democrats win elections in 2020. Using tax forms, leaked documents, and leaked emails, the report shows how the scheme aimed to register over 5 million “non-white” voters in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, and Nevada; how it was developed through multiple drafts and edits into a highly sophisticated plan dubbed the Everybody Votes Campaign; and how that plan was eventually adopted by a super PAC tied to Sam Bankman-Fried that instructed billionaire donors to keep it completely secret since it was the most “cost-effective” method for “netting additional Democratic votes.”

Nor does one have to infer that the donors were trying to push Democrat registration. Instead, writes Thayer, many of the donors admitted in signed tax forms that they were giving the money to these charities to further Democrat election outcomes.

It was the largest, most organized, and most blatantly partisan nonprofit voter registration drive in American history. By our estimates it generated between 1 and 2.7 million swing-state votes for President Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

Thayer points out that the website for the Everybody Votes Campaign insists that it simply wants to increase registration among “communities of color.” That sounds innocuous until you dig into the details:

Their website notably boasts that 76% of the 5.1 million voters they have registered were people of color, but then curiously declines to mention which states said people of color were from. A recent job listing from the organization shows that their targets states for 2024 will be Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin.

In other words, the organization doesn’t care about registering all “communities of color” across America. It cares only about those communities in swing states. Some coincidence, right? In states with huge black populations (notably Mississippi and Louisiana), the Everybody Votes Campaign just can’t be bothered.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with partisan organizations working to get out the vote. There is everything wrong with those organizations claiming tax-deductible status while engaging in partisan political activity.

Not only is this illegal, but it indirectly robs taxpayers by allowing people and organizations to reduce their tax bills while engaging in partisan political activity. This decreases the money available in the Treasury to pay for legitimate government functions (as well as paying for all the other garbage into which taxpayer money is poured). Inevitably, of course, this kind of fraud sees the national debt rise, with the government coming after the rest of us for more money.

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