Mitch McConnell's obvious cognitive deficiencies cause a Democrat panic

As instances of Mitch McConnell's cognitive rot increase, a leftist admits without him, "things could get very scary."

The Democrats love Republican Mitch McConnell.  He's a reliable and flexible ally, and he is always willing to cut deals with the White House and Senate colleagues.  Obviously, though, this must be done behind closed doors, away from the prying eyes of the public, because heaven forbid that voters see how the sausage gets made, and with whom our politicians' allegiances really lie.  Mitch has always been willing to trash President Trump yet rarely says anything bad about Joe Biden, and he will run cover for the latter, no questions asked.

From The Intelligencer and shared via MSN was an article titled, "If Mitch McConnell Goes, the Senate Could Get Very Scary."  See an excerpt below:

After a second on-camera 'episode' in which Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell seemed unable to answer questions or even speak, it's obviously time to contemplate the approaching end of the 81-year-old Kentuckian's long reign as his party's leader in the upper chamber and consider what will happen next. ...

Now McConnell's hold on the Senate GOP is the fulcrum on which a divided government depends for its rare but essential legislative viability. He's the often silent partner with the White House and Senate Democrats in figuring out how to cut deals with or overcome a House Republican conference in the firm grip of MAGA fanatics.

This is why the leftists love McConnell, who, don't forget, said a Joe Biden impeachment would be "bad" for the country.

No, McConnell, you know what's bad for the country?


Hordes of invaders flooding through welded-open bollard fencing.

A $33,000,000,000,000 national debt, and a $254,000 debt per taxpayer.

Pedophilic, cross-dressing men reading books about sex and gender-bending to toddlers.

Institutions like medicine and science echoing the twisted experiments of Josef Mengele.

A Supreme Court justice who can't define one of the simplest and most fundamental biological truths.

Hulking, intact males in women's private spaces, like locker rooms and sororities.

Failed male athletes turning to women's sports for their Plan B.

Dismembered babies in medical waste bins, and broken-hearted families because they were sold a lie of "empowerment" and reproductive "justice."

The media certainly know that these truths are damaging to leftists...which is why they fail to report them.  Why would it be bad for the country to impeach a president who used his government position to line his family's pocket with kickbacks from corrupt countries around the world and who has such destructive and unpopular policies that he can only impose them through diktat?

To summarize: If Republicans ever get someone with the balls to stand up against the radical leftist agenda to destroy America instead of a squish like McConnell, the Democrats might not get their way.

It makes you wonder...what do Biden and the Democrats have on McConnell?

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