Hanoi Joe is even worse than Hanoi Jane

Joe Biden found himself in Vietnam on Sunday. Returning from the G-20 summit in India, he made a pit stop there, supposedly to improve relations with that country as a means of checking China's aggressions.

Instead of saying 'Hello,' like normal presidents say, Biden greeted the Vietnamese with "Gooooood morning, Vietnam," rather shockingly bringing up a line from a movie that was all about the absurdities of the Vietnam War.

His performance was so bad his staff cut his mic and whisked him off the stage. 

According to the Daily Mail:

A sleepy President Joe Biden saw his rambling Vietnam press conference brought to a sudden end on Sunday night with his mic cut and jazz music playing him off the stage, like he went too long in an awards speech.  

Biden was mid-flow and answering questions from journalists when he was interrupted and forced to shuffle away and head backstage. 

'We talked about stability, we talked about the Third World, excuse me, the Southern Hemisphere has access to change. It wasn't confrontational at all....' Biden said as he rambled on. 

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre abruptly butted in to "conclude" the press conference, but it did little good.

All the while, Biden continued to speak, not realizing his mic had been muted. 

He mumbled about "lying dog faced pony soldiers" and brought up John Wayne movies in an inchoate thought stew. He said he couldn't tell whether it was day or night. "I'm gonna go to bed," he added.

He seemed to be in a miasma about distantly remembered movies, which explains his big "Goooood Morning, Vietnam" ... to Vietnam.

Cripes, what an insult. You don't go to Japan and bring up Tora! Tora! Tora! And you definitely don't go to Vietnam and bring up any of the Hollywood Vietnam War movies particularly those which remind the Vietnamese of a war they'd like to put behind them as well as the negative portrayals of American absurdities committed on their soil during wartime. The war affected a lot of them, bringing hardship and sorrow. There's no advantage to us in ignoring that.

So he goes to a nation to improve ties and brings up a bad war that both sides would like to put behind them? What a genius.

We may dislike Vietnam's communist regime as it stands now, but we desperately need allies in that region, as do they, given China's rise and its increasingly aggressive stances. If China were Russia, Taiwan would be Ukraine, and Vietnam would be Poland. Vietnam knows very well that if China takes Taiwan, Vietnam will be next.
I have spent time in post-war Vietnam as well as China, and one thing I learned in that region is that China considers Vietnam a renegade province and the Vietnamese "spoiled children." The Vietnamese know that's what they think, too. That incentivizes them to look for bigger allies.

 For Joe Biden to go into that delicate situation and mess it up with his senile babblings about insulting movies is pretty much a diplomatic disaster for the U.S.

The U.S. has a history of making its worst wartime enemies into its best friends -- from the U.K. to Japan and in some ways, our top trading partner Mexico. In Vietnam, the opportunity is golden. An alliance with that country is a critical chance check the real problem in the Pacific, which is China. But instead of sending a pro like President Trump to make the right deal, we send Hanoi Joe, who it turns out, is even worse than Hanoi Jane. 

I would trust that the Vietnamese understand the overriding strategic interests here and the need for an American alliance, which could overlook Biden's gaffes, but what were they looking at as they could see Biden babbling about the movies in a dementia-fueled rant and clearly living in the past? It wasn't so much the indelicacy of his comments as the whole picture of Joe's insentience. Did Biden understand anything that was going on? Did he know where he was?

To the Vietnamese, would this be a strong, trustworthy ally to align with?

Maybe they'll try to cut a deal with China instead.

As for us, think of the implications of this. Biden is so senile he can't even be trusted to be allowed out of the country by his staff without making a mess. He can't go abroad -- look at the problems he creates while he's abroad. Look at the enfeebled image of America, and don't think the Chicoms aren't taking notes. And yet the Washington swamp which is supposed to be so smart on these strategy things is backing this freak over President Trump, whose record of successes abroad was stunning. 

Is this going to get any better? He's clearly senile and getting more senile. It can only get worse.

Image: Screen shot from Fox Business video, via YouTube

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