Coast Guard called in to battle woke Oakland's sea pirate problem

Amid the sea of blue city chaos in Oakland, it's come to this:

What began as another enclave of folks seeking a low-cost alternative to high San Francisco Bay area housing prices, has turned the Oakland estuary into a pirate's nest. Rogue live-aboards have been stealing from infrequently visited boats docked in the marina, surrounding businesses, homes, and each other. The situation has become such that the United States Coast Guard has been called in to police the matter.

The Coast Guard will bring sea and air power to the table. The pirates stand little chance. Oakland Mayor Thao says, "There has to be justice." Get ready for something comical or tragic.

It's not like the movies. Basically, it's an extension of the organized theft gangs that have plagued the Bay Area, forcing private businesses to take billions in theft losses which is driving many of them from the cities. Two weeks ago, I wrote about that here.

Oakland's wokesterly mayor, Sheng Thao, is utterly useless, given that she has turned her city over to thieves of all sorts in the name of social justice, meaning, homes, cars, businesses and retail malls are all targets of mass looting that rarely ever gets punished now. It's gotten so bad the local NAACP has protested. Much of it is Mexican and Central American cartel-fueled, and with laws largely unenforced in that region, the cartels have had a field day, branching out into actual sea piracy. Thao remains feckless, though, and can't attract cops to her police department, given the left's demonization of police which pretty well tells police officers that one thing goes wrong and the politicians do not have their back. Who'd want to work for an organization like that, particularly since there are many nice cities out there that do support law and order and have their officers' backs? Of course they stay away, no need to "defund the police" because there aren't any police. The article linked above, from BoingBoing, reports that the city of some 423,000 has just one officer whose job is to police estatuary matters, including piracy. The department itself is at least 45 officers short. Good luck to the just-robbed boat owners trying to get him on the phone.

Still, the outcry has been significant enough that she's done what Democrats do, which is call for a federal bailout, in this case in the form of the Coast Guard. She suggests that now things will be done differently:

Citing ABC7, BoingBoing continues:

"There has to be justice," Thao said. "That means policing has to be done differently, investigations must be done differently, along with how resources are deployed."

This is where the U.S. Coast Guard comes in. Cpt. Lam says there are multiple types of vessels that would be used in situations like this – including a 45-foot response boat the Coast Guard would deploy to help local agencies.

"Additionally, we will be looking to use some of our aviation resources to provide, overt presence from the air," said Cpt. Lam. "So we see what is happening along the estuary."

It would have been a lot better if she had plainly stated that the Coast Guard shoots pirates and there won't be any woke DAs involved to mess things up, but that's probably too much to ask.

The bottom line here is that this is the future of deep blue cities that have turned themselves over to the forces of lawlessness -- sanctuary cities, zero bail, zero crime enforcement, absent police, and rampant criminality, which, they gaslight to voters is all in their heads.

Now it's the Coast Guard called in to clean up the mess that she and her wokestery coevals in power have made. All she had to do was do her job and enforce crime. She didn't so now she has a military intervention. One hopes that nothing local is going to stand in their way and they will bill Oakland for their trouble. It's probably a harbinger of more to come as Mexico militarizes its society in the wake of the cartel rise, and now Oakland has militarized its estatuary. What other cities will follow? Who will call the Army or Navy or Air Force for the next outrage of wokester neglect when things get intolerable?

It's come to this.

Image: RawPixel // CC0 public domain


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