Democrat from Illinois loves to tweet about how stupid the electorate is, including his own voters

The Washington Free Beacon headline read, “This Illinois Democrat Can’t Stop Tweeting About How Dumb His Constituents Are” but what it should have said something like “This Illinois Democrat Can’t Stop Owning Himself and His Party” — the disparaging remarks made by the freshman representative from Illinois’s 17th congressional district against his own voters are more a self-reflection than anything.

Eric Sorensen is a meteorologist and Illinois’s first openly gay member of Congress… who’s also evidently very insecure and not the brightest, considering his tirades against the illiterate and ignorant rubes of America and Illinois are in fact, against many of his own supporters. As the Free Beacon article reported yesterday, Sorensen has made countless outlandish statements against his constituents and Americans in general, like his claim that “Illinois voters” wouldn’t be able to spell Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski’s name correctly, or his assertion that Americans who “push back hard when it comes to climate change” don’t have “any idea of how it all works” because, after all, they’re backward conservatives; Sorensen is the educated progressive; therefore, he has the real claim on science.

First off, if Illinoisans were actually that illiterate, I then have to ask: Who’s running the education system? Furthermore, who’s been running the education system? Sounds like a big government problem if you ask me…. Secondly, if we’re to trust Sorensen’s low opinion of the people of Illinois, and they’re the ones who voted him into office, then what in the world does that say about him? If these unlearned dummies—that’s what he’s implying—found that the best man for the job to represent them was Sorensen, then… he’s probably an unlearned dummy too.

Then, in response to the earthquake in Morocco last week, Sorensen posted a map image of northern Africa for “reference” before saying this:

Again, I’d be inclined to question what the education system, run by leftists, is like. Perhaps Democrat lawmakers and Democrat indoctrinators should go back to focusing on geography instead of pornography? Oh yes, that’s right, Sorensen once sat on a board that “pushed a pornographic book on children.” From an October 2022 Breitbart report:

Sorensen, who is running as a Democrat to be the next congressman from Illinois’s 17th Congressional District, was on the board of Clock Inc., a pro-LGBT organization that tailors many of its events towards youth.

The organization hosts meeting groups, with titles like ‘Youth Transgender/Nonbinary Group’ and ‘LGBT+ Middle School Group.’ The organization also hosts a chest binder giveaway.

Clock Inc. announced that Sorensen was joining the organization as a board member in a post on Facebook in December 2019. According to the organization’s website, Sorensen joined Clock Inc. in order to ‘support the mission of Clock, Inc and to provide a safe place for LGBT+ youth that he was not fortunate to have himself growing up.’

This year, Clock Inc. teamed up with Rock Island Public Library in order to host a ‘youth book club.’ One of the books that was promoted was Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe, which features pornographic illustrations. The book is intended for children.

Just a few days back, Louisiana Senator John Kennedy read excerpts from two books, one of them being Gender Queer. I will warn you, the content is beyond obscene, but you can watch below:

A saying attributed to John Locke comes to mind: “I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts.” If a gay man seeks to foster confidential spaces with minor students to discuss aberrant sexuality—after all that’s what “safe” means for confused youth in LGBTQ clubs—and pushes pornography on these children, how might one “interpret” his innermost thoughts? I can tell you this much, Sorensen’s opinion has absolutely no weight, and his constant attacks against other people seem like a diversionary tactic; this story about an “ally” also seems oddly heralding:

Image: US House of Representatives, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

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