Call me crazy!

To quote Royce White, "Please.  Call me crazy!"  I'm serious.  I can't think of any other reason to explain what's going on in the good old USA. 

We're told that electricity is the way to go.  Let's replace those old gas-guzzlers with neat-looking E.V.s with lots of LED screens, self-driving software, and more intelligence than most of their drivers.  And gas stoves?  A thing of the past, along with gas water heaters and home heating furnaces.  Bring on those kilowatts, but don't mention that we're retiring continuous-duty coal and gas generating stations so we can have windmills and solar farms that produce electricity for only six to seven hours a day.  And that's on a sunny, windy day.

Now they're working on adaptors so we can back-feed our homes from our E.V. batteries when the power goes out.  Pure genius!  When the E.V. battery runs out, as it inevitably will,  we can just sit in the dark, since we can't drive to the local motel in a dead E.V.

I will admit, though, I will defend my DeWalt cordless electric drill with my life.

But we don't need no stinkin' oil.  We'll adapt.  We really don't need all those other products that use petroleum as a raw material.  I'm sure we'll get used to natural fibers for our clothes,  and those woolen boxers and bras will be just dandy once we get used to them.  No more polyester, nylon, rayon, orlon, Dacron.  No more LL Bean fleeces.  No more plastic anything.  Stop the drilling now!

We have to look at the bright side.  We'll stop the climate from changing — at least here in the good old USA.  We're even going to stop the cows from farting.  Having grown up in a house with two older brothers, all I can say is that's rich.  But I can't say the same for China, or India, or numerous other countries that are laughing hysterically as they produce the batteries for all of this.  For them it's "Damn the climate, full speed ahead."  

And then there are all those new insights into gender.  Boys can be girls, and girls can be boys.  Since our newest Supreme Court justice can't tell you what a woman is, we'll have to figure out what gender we are all by ourselves.  I guess that's why we need more genders than Baskin Robbins has flavors.  One of them must fit.  But only God knows which one.

We've also learned that abortion is really women's health.  How's that working out for the baby?  Some have even said that it's an abortion up to 29 days after birth.  Please explain that to me.  To think that all these years I've thought the premeditated taking of a human life was called murder.  And now it's women's health?  Ronald Reagan got it right.  "Why is it that all the people who favor abortion have already been born?"

By the time all the progressives who push this nonsense are done, the boys who haven't become girls and the girls who haven't become boys will abort themselves into oblivion, and sanity can return to Mother Earth.  Until then, please call me crazy.

Image via Pxfuel.

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