Biden wanders off during Medal of Honor ceremony

Is there anyone less fit to be around men of authentic valor than cowardly, self-dealing Joe Biden?

Breaking all protocol as well as common decency, he wandered off the set during a Medal of Honor ceremony, leaving the honoree, Capt. Larry L. Taylor, awkwardly on the podium alone.

Here's what he did:



Here's Joe's own 21 minute video, which is abruptly cut as he leaves the stage, never mind Capt. Taylor:


Seriously, he wandered off, leaving Capt. Taylor, the White House's guest of honor, to fend for himself, well before the closing prayer and other protocol niceties.

Why the hell did he do that? Your guess is as good as mine given that all the White House will give on such a matter is gaslightings. Here are a few possibilities:

One, Biden was displaying senility, a dotard out of his depth as he always is these days. His handlers obviously don't do much to stop him anymore, so he wanders off with abandon.

Two, it's possible that on a subconscious level, Joe knows he's unfit to be around men like Taylor and needed to get away to avoid unfavorable comparisons. Taylor, after all, stepped up to serve in the savage war in Vietnam where 60,000 U.S. servicemembers died. Biden, who is of the same generation as Capt. Taylor, got himself five draft deferments as a Delaware college student, supposedly for having had asthma as a teenager.

Three, and worst of all, he may have resented the man of valor and intentionally sought to be disrespectful, same way he was casually disrespectful of the returning bodies of 13 U.S. servicemembers during his horrific pullout in Afghanistan. As the procession of flag-draped coffins moved out from the transport jet, Biden repeatedly looked at his wristwatch, as if he had better things to do. He's never apologized for that disgusting and disrespectful behavior.

Whatever it was, it was disrespectful, intentional or not. 

Biden's been in politics for fifty-some years. He's been to countless ceremonies. He's got the best in briefers on standard protocol -- how to act, where to hold your hands, what to say. There is zero doubt that he knows how to behave himself, how to treat a guest of honor with respect at a stately tradition-bound ceremony. He's done this for decades.

Yet he still ... wandered off on his guest, leaving him up on stage alone, again as if he had better things to do than to tough it out at a simple and short ceremony. He made numerous odd gaffes during his speech, written by someone else undoubtedly, and his ad hoc remarks were presumptiously obnoxious. He mispronounced names. He acknowledged "former" Medal of Honor winners present, as if the honor were an annual beauty queen title. He talked a lot about other people than Capt. Taylor, who was being honored. And without knowing Capt. Taylor, he asserted that the man must have had obscene nicknames while in the Army, which seems a bit presumptuous, and that Capt. Taylor's proudest honor was being called the husband to his wife, which was odd at a time when valor was being honored and in any case, he couldn't have known for a fact.

How can anyone watch that and not feel compassion and admiration for Capt. Taylor, while Joe Biden treated the entire ceremony as just another game show?

It goes to show that he's a disgusting, unfit man for the office of Commander in Chief and can't hold a candle to true valor such as has been shown by Capt. Taylor. I am just sorry Capt. Taylor had to endure that rotten excuse for a president and at the White House no less.



Image: Twitter screen shot

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