VIDEO: A good, quick analysis about China’s serious internal problems

See the UPDATE at the end of this post.

China is a problem. It’s an immediate problem for Taiwan, but it’s also a long-term problem for America, given that it’s our greatest geopolitical enemy (no matter what Democrats say about Russia! Russia! Russia!). However, Ben Shapiro has put together an excellent short video detailing the structural problems that bedevil China and that put it both at risk of implosion and explosion.

Over the years, I’ve written often about China, both the threat it poses and the weaknesses it has. I’ve covered its demographic problems, the way it’s overreached itself with its belt-and-road policies, its shaky internal economy, and its showy but surprisingly weak military.

China’s biggest problem, which few mention, and which affects its military and its economy, is that communism has turned China into an incredibly sloppy country. As you know from buying Chinese goods at Walmart and Home Depot, everything its manufacturing sector makes is garbage. Moreover, this is a country in which manufacturers have been known to poison children’s milk to make a buck (or meet a metric.) My rule of thumb is never, ever to buy food manufactured in China, so check those labels.

Image: Chinese ghost city. YouTube screen grab.

Still, China remains a force to be reckoned with. Despite its rapidly declining demographics and less-than-impressive military, it has the population size to absorb a lot of bullets. Also, while its belt-and-road policies are an issue, it still has planted its seeds around the world. Finally, while its economy is in trouble, it’s big enough to have huge resources on which it can draw.

China knows it’s declining, and that leaves it with only two ways out. One way is reform but Xi won’t let that happen. The second way is war, especially war on Taiwan, which has the technology China badly needs.

So, that’s my China shtick.

Ben Shapiro has a better organized, more detailed, more accessible China shtick. If you want a sense of why it’s both terribly damaged and, for that very reason, terribly dangerous, spend a few minutes watching the video. As I’ve noted before, I’m not a Shapiro fan because his pressed speech wears me out. Still, he’s always intelligent, and what he has to say is worth hearing:

Of course, with America on a suicide path under Joe Biden’s guidance, China’s troubles may not matter to us. We don’t need China pumping toxic TikTok videos into our children’s minds to see that, unless we change our ways very quickly, we’re soon over as a country, too.

UPDATE: A super smart friend send me his take on China's possible attack against Taiwan:

Naval landings are impossible without the element of surprise and air superiority. China has neither. One million Chinese could embark across the Strait and none would arrive alive.

Taiwan’s capable air force is supported by hundreds of fighter jets from each of USA/Guam/Okinawa, Canada, South Korea, Japan, and Australia. Possibly Singapore.

Drones and inexpensive anti tank missiles with over 5km range made tanks with a 2km range obsolete. These tanks are effective against landing craft whose unstable platform prevents return fire. Tanks have excellent optics, accuracy, automation, and shoot 6 rounds/minute at high power rifle velocities.

One missile behind the Three Gorges Dam would release a devastating flood. China would lose 25% of its population, its breadbasket, 25% of industrial capacity, and its Shanghai financial capitol. Taiwan has been mass producing the appropriate missiles for several years. When it comes to electronic warfare Taiwan is the electronic capitol OF THE WORLD.

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